Monday, August 02, 2010

08.02.10 :: 187 weeks old / 19 weeks pregnant

Sean is 187 weeks old today.


I am 19 weeks pregnant today.
My due date was moved up to Monday, Dec 27, 2010.
(However, that is subject to change again, I’m sure).


Today my mom took Mack in for his last swimming lesson. Mack’s been kicking a lot in the water lately, and I am afraid to get kicked in the belly. Sean refused to go into the water today. He said he quit swimming lessons today. I also learned today, that the quarterback’s daughter is actually in Sean’s swim class this past session. I didn’t even realize. Today while I sat on the side, I chatted with his wife. She’s super nice. Maybe we’ll see them around when the pool re-opens.


After daycare we had a play date with some friends for a bit.

And tonight’s dinner was a quick phone call to the pizza restaurant. After 2 hours of waiting for our food, it finally arrived, however my pizza came with some extra garnishing that I didn’t order. DISGUSTING. I lost my appetite and I will NEVER ever order from them again.

So I’ve pulled out this knitting project, and will get back in the grove. That little mini knitting break really did some good. I will finish this project as well, and then it will go into the gift pile. I also need to get this finished already, maybe it’s time to go back to it.


Anita said...

Hi Robyn, That extra garnish is pretty bad and no wonder you didn't feel like eating. Hope you phoned and told them what you thought! Kind regards, Anita.

kristo said...

About the extra topping on your pizza... EW EW EW EW EW ew ew ew ew!!! That is NASTY! I hope you got a refund... not to mention an apology!

kim said...

UGHH!! Lovely pizza! Hope you called and demanded your money back!!

Jennifer said...

OMG that pizza is DISGUSTING! Do I want to know where it was ordered from??

(ps the date on today's post says July instead of Aug)

g-girl said...

ugh. that is just disgusting. :P I wouldn't ever order from that place again either! good luck with reconnecting with your knitting mojo. :)

Anie said...

wow. it's incredible that you are having a boy!
but congrats again!

Tara said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!!! I hear ya on the belly kicking, Maxime STILL does it.

Amelah said...

Cute bump :D

What is with Sean quitting everything all of a sudden? Did he quit swimming because he wanted to go golfing instead>?! LOL

Ew that is gross. I also will NOT be ordering from them either!!!!

19 weeks pregnant said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwk...chih! What is that - its really looking BAAAAD....I don't think its EXTRA GARNISHING....