Friday, August 27, 2010



My new baby. I love it.


When I got into my car this morning, I tried to sync my cell phone to the bluetooth in my car called U-connect. Well, what do you know... my cell phone has absolutely NO bluetooth capabilities. Uh... a cell phone that has no bluetooth capabilities? I didn't even realize this, because I didn't have a bluetooth device in my car before, as whenever I've tried to use one in the past, no one could ever hear me and I ended up shooting into the thing so damn loudly "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!??" (like that commercial for whatever cell company). So I never used my cell in the car while driving. (If I needed to make a phone call I pulled over and parked). But now that my new car was coming with bluetooth built into the car, I thought I would actually use it.

So I called up my cell phone provider. They weren't able to do anything for me. I talked to the girl on the phone and she gave me some info on a small data plan if I were to go with a new phone (but pay for the phone in full as I didn't have the option to upgrade my contract until November 2010 (for a partial upgrade credit) or wait until May 2011 (for a full upgrade credit) as I still as of today had 14 and a half months left on my contract.

Well, when I went into the provider's store, on my way home from work today, the girl behind the counter was able to give me en even better deal. It was cheaper to pay out the rest of my contract and I saved money on the new phone, and now I have a brand new contract with a data plan. And my new phone, the INQ Chat 3G is really neat. It's charging right now, so I will only get to play around with it tomorrow, but I can access my email on it, as well as go on facebook. FUN! I haven't had a fun electronic toy to play with in a while... so this will be neat!


My current knitting project is the hat Roar. I've made not one, but two of these before. This time, it's for a store sample for a yarn shop in Riverside, California called Knitting with Sandra. I don't love the yarn that I was sent for this project, but it was part of the swap that I did so, I'm doing it. The yarn is Ella Rae Amity, which is 75% Acrylic, 25% wool. IIIIIICK! Yep, Acrylic. The dirty word... feh! Thank heavens it a quick knit. I'm already 4" into the hat, 2" away from starting the crown decreases. I should be able to finish this hat over the weekend and start my next sample knit for the yarn shop.


Anonymous said...

But what COLOUR is your new phone!!! :) - The van looks really lovely - sounds like you're having a good time!
(this is KTE...can't remember my blogger login this am...)

NJ said...

I must tell you about my SYNC experience when I got my new Taurus. The dealer told me to just keep my cell phone in my purse. He set up the phone and we tested it out by calling my husband. I took my son for supper and then decided to head home. I thought since I had sync I would call my husband to say I was on the way...not that I had to. It was just fun with the new toy. I made a brief call and hung up and then seconds later it came up that my phone was calling Hayley at Home. I hit stop. Then it came up that it was calling work. It was like a machine possessed. Finally i just let it ring through to Hayley and had a conversation. When I hung up from her it just kept calling her and my work. I even pulled over to see what was wrong. Hubby told me when I got home that I have to be careful when it's in my purse because of the touch screen...that was the deal....

Sugar & Spice said...

Love the van, Dodge is the only way to go.

I'm going to confess something to you. I'm a yarn snob. Yep that's right. I hate using acrylic. My mom thinks I'm hillarious but seriously it's just yucky.

Tara said...

LOL! Kate's asking about the colour because she just got a pink one :) Nice van, Robyn! You're cruising in style now!

Amelah said...

Love the new van! Vans have come along way and have a much nicer look to them as they did over 10 years ago!

g-girl said...

your new phone looks cute! It's similar to my blackberry. :) the new car doesn't even really look like a minivan. :)

Bea said...

So is this van better than the one you drove in Vancouver? (Perhaps its the same type? I can't really tell.)