Saturday, August 21, 2010

08.21.10 :: 22 weeks pregnant


22 weeks pregnant today.

It was too icky outside today to take any updated photos of my destroyed cowl. They're calling for more icky rain tomorrow too - so we'll see what the natural light situation outside is like tomorrow as well. That's what doing on the knitting front. As soon as this project is done, besides the WIPs I have outstanding, I have 3 test knits to do for a yarn shop in California, that I better get cracking on. I have everything ready to go - just need to right mojo to get that started.

I started doing a little organizing in baby boy's room, as the nursery has been used as a dumping zone for stuff that Mack has outgrown. I'm just about to change over the boys wardrobe as well. Sean is starting to outgrow his size 3 stuff as he is nearing his 4th birthday in 4 months from now. Mack's skinny waist is still holding up the size 2 pants nicely, but I think he's ready for size 3 shirts. I find that a lot of the stuff he's wearing is getting tight on him. (Especially the 24 month stuff). I will need to have Jamie bring up all the boxes of clothes that we have in storage (I've kept all Sean & Mack's outgrown stuff), so baby boy will have a full wardrobe. Hopefully we won't get too much in the clothing department, because I still have stuff that both Sean & Mack got as gifts that have never been warn, and the tags are still on it. Definitely do not need clothes. (I do need other stuff, but not clothing). Baby boy will have a bris shortly after he's born, and I hope people won't get me clothes for a third son. Diapers would be greatly appreciated! Gift cards too. I will eventually have to replace ALL bottles, as we have none. I got rid of them after Mackenzie used them as they weren't BPA free. I do need a new changing pad to go on the changing table as the one we have is completely warn after 2 boys. That type of thing. I don't think I got rid of anything from either boy if it was in good working condition, so I still have things like my baby tub, the bumbo, my slings to baby wear, etc. I am doing an inventory in his room to see what he'll need. All of the outgrown stuff from Sean & Mack were kinda just shoved into boxes after Mack was done with it, so I do need to have Jamie bring those all up so I can sort by size, and start washing the smallest stuff first. Luckily this baby is due around the same time Sean was born, so it's "same season" stuff.

Some people are lucky if they get twice the usage out of baby clothes. We're not only getting twice, but now THREE times the usage. Despite the fact that I would love to have a daughter of my own, one of my three sons will have to give me a girl one day, a granddaughter that I will spoil until there is no tomorrow.

And this baby boy still has no name. Sean & Mackenzie were named as soon as we found out the sex. We've known now for a while (since my Ultrasound on July 30th) that it's a boy (even though for 6 and a half weeks we thought we were having a girl - 12 week ultrasound sounds are NOT accurate for anatomy of a baby, as the boy parts don't drop until after 12 weeks. Everyone is having what looks like a girl at 12 weeks) and maybe this time around, we'll have to look at baby boy's face to see what he looks like and name him after he's born. We just cannot agree on anything we like. And maybe this is a sign that we'll be having our last child later this year, as if we try again for a girl, and have another boy, we will be 150% out of names.

I've been reading more in the book I am currently reading. I am really enjoying it. While it's not my usual 'genre' of reading (usual genre = chick lit), I am quite enjoying this author. Once I am done reading this book, I will review it, and then I have another book giveaway to do for you guys, so stay tuned! I know you all like contests!

Today's Link Love:
- I love these decals. Too bad my husband wouldn't like it, so I won't do that in our den.
- Oh, I heart these little spoon earrings!
- This sounds delicious even though it is soap!
- Love this pendant.
- This is such a cute gift idea for any mother!
- I love this photograph and the designs in Phydeaux shop are fun! I have a few patterns in mind that I want to knit!
- I love these shoes. And they are in my size.
- LOVE these boots!
- Love these cloud earrings.
- Too bad I am on a yarn diet - the Yarn Outlet looks like a fun place to shop!
- What a fun ring!
- I love method's foaming soap. We'd run out and I just got some more in a few scents.
- This print.


TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

Names are serious business! I know with Liv we were stuck a little because we had already used our most favorite girl's name - so I get what you guys are going through.

Ahhhh ETSY - so addictive isn't it. I loved going through your links!

g-girl said...

wow, 3 test knits?? did you sign up for them via rav? I can never get into any of those. lol. love the links, i saved some of the etsy shops as my favorites..and found other items from those sellers that I liked! goodness, sounds tiring all of the organizing you're going to be doing.

Tara said...

I've still got most of my baby stuff as well, even though Hell will freeze over before we try for baby #3! Oh well...

Tracy said...

You look great! I've been thinking of you being on modified rest for the placenta previa and wonder how you'll do it with the two boys...

We had a few names for each boy when we went to the hospital and didn't name them for a day or so after they were born.

What about Adam?

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your pregnancy. One of the girls at the Soak office just had her baby two weeks ago, she named her Liza. With so many great name possibilities, it's hard to decide on the right one.

Amelah said...

Blah, hate the rainy weather!!

Atleast you have a TON of boy stuff clothing wise for Baby #3!

I will do my best, when the times comes to give you a NIECE you can spoil!! :D

Is there a possibility of baby #4...? LOL

Love the decals! You should do some for the playroom! I think she is the same girl I bought the ones for my laptop from.

The print is cool! Love the best friends one! The purple & blue trees! [Our colors!]