Thursday, August 12, 2010

08.12.10 :: 112 weeks old

Mack is 112 weeks old today.

I started this blog almost 5 years ago when I got this car. You can see the first 100 km here. I found it quite funky that it was 55,555 today. Neat number. Especially since it’s been almost 5 years and this car will be for sale shortly. With number 3 on the way, we need a bigger car. (re: van)

I took a picture the other night of this GORGEOUS rainbow.
Had to share.
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a rainbow.


Today’s garden loot! Look at all this stuff! There is 1 cucumber and one zucchini missing from the photo. Jamie discovered a zucchini after he got home from work (which will become zucchini bread at some point over the weekend). (And one cucumber was given to my cleaning lady before she left today, which was before I got to take a picture of the loot). When I did daycare pickup today, I brought some of the teachers some cucumbers too. They were super happy. (And started “mine’s bigger than yours jokes” – which I am still giggling over). There was no way we’d be able to eat 13 cucumbers before they went bad, so I wanted to give them away.

We even have some strawberries turning red!

I had to ship off my brand new lens (18-200mm) that Jamie got me for my birthday for my Nikon D60 to the Canadian repair center in Markham, Ontario yesterday (on my dime, of course). It was working fine until Monday at Eagles Training Camp. When I turned on my camera, all I saw was “shaking” even though my camera & lens were steady in my hands. I put my original lens that came with my D60 (18-55mm) and it was fine. So I knew it wasn’t my camera that had problems. After making a bunch of phone calls, I got it all sorted out. I shipped it out (with all my paperwork) yesterday via Purolator. It arrived there this morning. I called this afternoon and spoke to a very nice man. He said he’s go to receiving, find my lens, test it out, and call me back with info. (I was also upset that I had to pay for shipping to have it repaired for a brand new lens. They explained to me that this weeds out all the phony claims (ie. people who spill coca cola on their lens and try to pass it off as a warranty claim). Anyhow, an hour later, this nice man called me back, my lens was tested out, it’s definitely a stabilizing problem, and it seems as though there is a circuit board problem in the lens. And it’s covered under my warranty. Phew. He said he put it into the rush queue line, it’ll be fixed tomorrow (as he is pretty certain that they have all the parts to fix it in stock) and they’ll ship it back to me on Monday or Tuesday latest. Once I get it back, I am going to see if they’ll refund me the original shipping, since this was a defect and not me dropping the lens on the floor and expecting them to fix it. If it were an older lens, I’d understand to pay the shipping. But I’ve only had the lens about 7 weeks. (Which is crazy if you ask me).

Alright! A bit more about our trip. On Thursday, Aug 5th, I got to go to Knit 1 Purl 2 in the morning. I will show you all the yarn I picked up tomorrow, a new edition of Yarn P0rn Friday. We also hit up a local Walmart (as I was looking for a certain pair of shorts for the boys that I’d picked up while in Florida this past January). Not only did I find these shorts, but they were on some serious liquidation. I picked up a few more pairs for Mackenzie (24 mos), a few more pairs for Sean (3T) and some to put away for next summer and the summer after (in 4T and 5T). Now that I’m having a 3rd boy, these pieces of clothing keep getting passed down. There’s rarely anything that gets ruined or tossed. (The only thing that Sean has destroyed so far is his size 3 snowsuit. Everything else (except shoes, which I don’t share between boys) has gotten passed down). I also found a really cute onesie for baby number 3 that reads “Born in 2010”. He has to have a few things that weren’t passed down, right?

Sean got his Chuck E. Cheese fix today. He had a FANTASTIC time. He’s been asking to go to one since he saw the commercial on tv. Mack was obsessed with some basketball game and Sean & I had a good time playing my fave game, Skee Ball. I was pretty darn good too. (I think the Skee Ball machines at the carnival are rigged).

Sean’s other new fave thing – playing pool. Although he’s a little too small for it, daddy helped him. They had a good time playing. He wouldn’t have ever discovered this for a while, but Jamie’s cousins (whom we were staying with) have a pool table in their beautiful house.
After we came back from dinner (I got my Ruby Tuesday’s Fix), the boys hung out together for a bit before it was bedtime. We finally got a group shot of all the kids. It was so nice to finally meet our new cousins. It was a nice time visiting with them.

On Friday, Aug 6, we got up early and headed on the road to Southampton, PA. My good friend Lauren lives there with her hubby & their (now) 1 year old daughter. Lauren & I have been friends for 13 years already. (Wow, time flies). They happen to live 15 minutes from Sesame Place, so we took the boys.

Sean, our guide for the day. (We went wherever her wanted to go).


We took some family photos on the steps of Sesame Street.

We saw some live shows.


Including Elmo’s World Live. (Mack cried when Elmo left at the end).
Sean measured his hands to the celebrities:

berthandsS jamiemackSP
The boys had fun today.

Mack convinced us to get him a big bird stuffed animal. (How can you say no to this face?)

Enjoyed some Elmo cupcakes.

And even got to meet the stars!


This one was the boy’s fave by far.

Whew! Stay tuned tomorrow for some more of our trip. So much still to tell you about.
I did get some more de-cluttering done today. Progress is here.


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Those family photos are the BEST!!

Sarah said...

Great shots Robyn! Looks like the boys had a great time at Sesame Place. Love the last photo with Elmo.

Tara said...

Wow, what a great day! I would have LOVED to meet Big Bird as a kid :)

g-girl said...

how fun! looks like you guys had a blast at sesame place and at chuck e cheese's!

Amelah said...

Nice garden loot and cool strawberry picture you got there!

Sucks about your lens. Hope they are fast about it!

Chucky Cheese looks like fun!

You and your Ruby's Tuesday LOL...

Stil can't believe...Jamie in a swim suit standing in water! Not swimming, but hey gotta start some where eh!

Cute family pics!