Sunday, August 15, 2010


Poor cat. Sean came into my office today saying "Look what I got"... Oy! Zeus is slowing down in his old age. He can't run away from the kids as fast as he used to be able to.

I decided that I would get some baking done today. I've finally gotten my cooking/baking mojo back. I made one zucchini bread with chocolate chips and the other plain. The chocolate chip one is almost gone. So delicious.

Here is some progress on my current knitting project. The Dream in Color Classy is absolutely wonderful to work with. And this project is perfect for a lonely skein of the colorway I have. I'm currently (since this photo making progress on it). Hopefully this will be a nice quick knit.

To wrap up the last day of our trip, on Monday August 9th, 2010, we left my friend's house bright & early and headed to the Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp. My hubby is a HUGE Eagles fan, for years now.


Everyone dressed up in their gear.


Got to meet some Eagles cheerleaders.


Sat happily in the stroller.

Watched the guys on the field.

Watched them tackle.


Oh yeah, got some autographs too!



We "used" the birthday girl to get the autographs, then I piped in that we were fans from Canada. It worked. They got their football autographed, and we got Mack's hat autographed:


It's sitting pretty in a case now, and I have a new hat on it's way from Philly to replace this one, as Mack's quite upset that he cannot wear his hat.

After leaving training camp (just before lunch) we headed on the road home. We were in upstate PA, so we were close to the New Jersey border. Apparently I slept through an entire state, as I woke up in New York. It was a nice nap. We stopped for lunch. I took over driving for about an hour and a bit (the only driving I actually did the entire trip). Jamie rested his eyes while I was on the road. The kids napped a bit. We limited the kids drinking intake as we wanted to make the least amount of stops as possible. We got to the Canadian border. Got a really nice customs agent, had very few questions asked, and we were in our driveway just after 8pm.

We had a fantastic time on our trip. It was so nice to see family & friends. Celebrate a 1st birthday party. Go to Sesame Place. Check out some yarn shops in another city. Checking out the Museum, the Jersey Shore & the training camp for the Philadelphia Eagles. But now, my next wish is a vacation without the kids. Lying on a beach somewhere. Reading novels. Knitting. Ahhh..... that would be very nice. I doubt it'll happen for a while. Definitely not for a while after baby number 3 is born...


carolyn said...

The cat looks totally pissed! It made me laugh!

Tara said...

Yeah, vacations without the kids are pretty special. But few and far between...

Jennifer said...

lying on a beach.. reading.. knitting.. SIGN ME UP! :)

Amelah said...

Never tried zucchini me a piece next time!

I am sure Jamie was in heaven with the Cheerleaders LOL :D

Sounds like a fun day! Not a big football fan, but more excited when you get to talk and interact with them!

g-girl said...

lol. great pic of sean with zeus. teehee! that is awesome about getting to visit the training camp and getting all those autographs! :) one day you'll get a vacation without the kids. hopefully!

Bea said...

This whole trip sounds really very very cool.