Sunday, August 01, 2010


Today we finally made it out to Jamie’s Ball game.
We’ve been trying to get to a game all summer, but it just hasn’t happened.


Jamie actually played a double header today. In between games, Sean got to go on the field for a bit and hit a few balls. He had fun. Jamie was glad we finally made it out to a game.


We stayed until Jamie was up at bat again in the 2nd game, and then headed to pick up my grandmother who lives in the area, and then headed to my parents house.


The bump and I spent the entire rest of the afternoon in the pool.


My fish Sean kept jumping into the pool over and over again. He loves the diving board.

And Mackie loves playing basketball.

Or lounging in one of the floats.

We celebrated my parent’s 31st wedding anniversary tonight, (it’s on Thursday) with some chocolate cake. Mack’s fave. No disturbing this kid while he’s eating his cake.

If you collect or .com points, here is a freebie for August: AUG2010FACEBOOK - I believe it’s for 10 free points. ENJOY!

After a bit of an emotional weekend, I will pick back up my knitting tomorrow. Not sure what I’ll work on. I’m debating frogging the newborn girl cap. Maybe since it’s a wee tiny size, I'll just finish it and then add it to the gift pile. We’ll see how I feel. I will also go back to the de-cluttering tomorrow. My mind wasn’t there this past weekend to do any, so I’ll get back to it tomorrow.

Wow, it’s August already?! Unbelievable.


g-girl said...

ahhh, summer days! I know, I can't believe it's August already either.

Tara said...

Ooh, I haven't been to a baseball game in forever! I'll bet the boys wanted to get out there and play too!

Amelah said...

Sean must have had a blast!!!

Was a nice afternoon for swimming. I definitely enjoyed their pool! :D