Saturday, July 31, 2010



Last night we did bake that Challah bread (350F for 30 minutes). It was delicious. Especially wit butter on the plain challah. The kids devoured the chocolate challah with sprinkles.


Mack, really loves his bunny. He doesn't go anywhere without it.


Today we got this idea to go mini putting. The first place we tried, said it was open, but there was no one at all there to let us pay and five us putts and golf balls. We then did some research and found this place that we did end up at. Great place. The kids had a great time, and I even got 2 hole-in-ones!


It was so hot outside, so our next stop was at Dairy Queen. Yum!


Sean enjoyed a slushie.


And Mack didn’t have anything at all. He doesn’t like anything cold. (No ice cream, no freezies, no popsicles). Not sure why he doesn’t – but he’s not a fan. Maybe one day he’ll like them. For now, he doesn’t eat anything (ice) cold.

Since it was still piping hot out – our next destination was my parent’s pool.

It was a beautiful day not to be outside!


So we stayed outside until it was time to go home for dinner. The boys ate with Jamie while I took a quick nap (I was forming a headache – and the little nap did some good). After the kids were in bed, I had something quick to eat. Jamie had hockey tonight, so I just watched some mindless TV – and as I am on a bit of a knitting break (I’ve been knitting cute girly things, and now I’m at a loss as to what I want to knit – if that makes any sense – so I decided that I would take a break from knitting this weekend), I played around on Baby Name Genie and as well as some other baby name sites. We so far still can’t come up with a single name we both love/agree on. We still have plenty of time, but everything that we both like, is already used by a family member, or nice names remind us of people we don’t like. Here is our “NO” list:

Sean Edward (dear son #1 first & middle name)
Mackenzie Riley (dear son #2 & middle name)
Corey (brother)
Jason (brother's middle name & a cousin)
Aaron (cousin)
Michael (cousin)
Jamie (husband's name)
Mitchell (husband's middle name, uncle's name)
Aidan (cousin)
Liam (cousin)
Zachary (a few cousins with this name)
Jordan (girl cousin Jordyn)
Jeremy (cousin)
Joshua (cousin)
Colin (cousin)
Harris (cousin)
William (nephew, great-uncle)
Merlyn (nephew)
Donald (step-brother-in-law)
David (step-cousin)
Mark (sister's boyfriend, husband's step-brother-in-law)
Logan (sister's nephew, don't want her to have 2 nephews named Logan)
Oliver (cousin)
Spencer (cousin)
Henri (cousin)
Jakob (cousin) (or Jacob)
Marvin (father-in-law)
Steve (hubby's uncle, sister-in-law's boyfriend)
Hymie (hubby's uncle & my grandmother's other son)
Evan (cousin)
Philip (cousin)
Cass (cousin)
Matthew (Cousin)
Eric (dated 2 Eric's, and will never use that name)
Daniel(cousin & hubby's best friend)
Marc, Adam (hubby's best friends)
Andrew (hubby's cousin)
Dylan (Know a few people who have this name for their son, and one of which I dont really want to be reminded of right now)
Tyler (Know a few people who have this name for their son, and one of which I dont really want to be reminded of right now)
Morty/Mordechai (my father’s name)
Abe/Abraham (my grandfather’s name)
Peter (great-uncle)
Matthew (cousin)
Billy (cousin)
Clifford (2 cousins with this name on the same side of the family)

- The name cannot be biblical (like Moses or Ezra), and can’t be anything of the Christ (like Christian, Christopher, etc…) since we’re Jewish (even if we’re non-practicing). We also don’t want anything like Enzo, Enrico. Maurizio, Darius, Marius, – it has to be English sounding and not Italian, Russian, Polish or Greek. We’re looking for a very “North American or even British” name.


missfee said...

Jack, Gerard, Arnold, St John (pronouncedalong the lines of sijin), Oberon, Ryan, Mark, Richard

I checked against your list but I could of missed and doubled up - hard job ahead of you - I really liked Zoe

Mathgirl said...

My favourite boy's name, stolen by my cousin in my family, is Devon.

illahee said...

so difficult! we had trouble with our second son, only because we have trouble agreeing! his american name is christopher, though, which just kinda came to me one day. luckily i have a small family and my husband is japanese! LOL

good luck! (wish i had a suggestion for you. i'm sure you'll come up with the perfect name, though!) how about jeremiah? (see, toldya i had no suggestions! LOL)

Pinkmin said...

haha Robyn, I LOOOOOOOVE your list of criteria. I know you were being serious about it but it just sounds so funny.

I'm sure you'll find a beautiful name for your 3rd little boy. Can't wait to hear it!

Anonymous said...


from ruby

Sandra said...

Ian. It's Gaelic for John. Can also be spelled Iain (more traditional). It's alsomy husband's name, so I'm partial! The Gaelic history would mesh with Sean and Mackenzie.

Sugar & Spice said...

I haven't commented in a while. I feel your pain with finding names. It's the worse part of expecting for me and my hubby we never agree.

Here's a few for you:

Hayden or Haiden

carolyn said...

I TOTALLY understand the break in knitting to try and get your head wrapped around the fact that you're having a boy. I bet you had all kinds of things planned to knit for a girl.

Here is my suggestion for now: Cole - which I highly recommend (it's my son's name - however, you live in a different country so it wouldn't be like a counsin's name or anything).

Kimber said...

Names are fun! I particularly like the British/Celtic ones, here is another list:
Miller (it was my boy’s name)
The London Telegraph birth announcements are good too – very British!

wwg said...

Hi! Just found your blog with a search for "knitting". I just got a knitting machine and am slowly learning the ins and outs. I'm in Montreal too. :)

My suggestion? Alexander/Zander or Timothy. They're my nephews' names.

michelle w said...

I like Alexander. Classic and Alex ix cute as a short form. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Had to publish under anonymous because i can't remember my google password at the moment. :0)

I think Connor is a nice name for a boy and it would fit well with Sean and Mackenzie.

Ryan(means King) and Chance(means Charmed) are also great names for boys.

papermonkey said...

How about Gregory or Gabriel. Thomas or Casey? Caelin is a newly discovered boys name to me (and boy, is he good looking!).

Jennifer said...


g-girl said...

no wonder you said you and jamie were going to have a hard time naming this boy!! i'll hopefully come back to you with some suggestions of my own but will have to check it against this master no list! some of the ones i had been thinking of are on your list! :P I can understand the need for a knitting break.

Amelah said...

HAHA love some of those comments :D

Was reading other peoples comments, I like Braden :D

Don't use Haiden - Mark and I agreed on that name for a boy after our late Zaida Hymie! or Hailey for a girl. :D

Can't wait to meet my NEPHEW chewbacka LOL

Anonymous said...

"Jef "is the name of my eldest son( I'm from belgium)for an American boy you can put a second "f" than its a real American name.



Maureen said...

Wow, a long list of 'no's!

How about Edward or Edwin? Andre? Connor?

I know a Damon, that has always had a nice sound to me. Deacon? Or is that too churchy? ;) How about Derek? (My brain is stuck on D)

My cousin just had her little boy - his name is Hank, short for Henry. Her husband is Woody - so it could be worse. ;)

Richard? Robert? Simon? (too english, perhaps) Stuart!

Okay, I'm out of ideas. :)

Tara said...

Yeah, I think you've got enough options now! I liked Jeremy and Ethan, but they were too English sounding for my bilingual family...