Sunday, July 04, 2010



This is how I pretty much spent the entire weekend.
Lounging in the pool.
Ah, beautiful summer weekends!


And this is how the kids spent today & yesterday. Floating in the pool.

Enjoying a rather warm pool on a hot day. You know, it’s still refreshing even if my mom keeps it at 93.2F. (Too bad they can’t use it all year!)

And Sean spent the entire day jumping off the diving board in different ways (like superman, like a canon ball, like a diver… you name it!)


After dinner Jamie helped my dad bring my old bred over from my parents house and Mackie moved into Sean’s room. I still have to do some re-arranging and the dresser in the room does not fit between the 2 beds, like I thought it would. So I have to move the dresser tomorrow and find somewhere else in the room. I also have to do some re-arranging of wall decor, as we had to take down some things so that Mackie wouldn’t knock it off the wall. (If you look very careful Mackie’s actually in his new bed – above – you can see the tip of his head!)


He’s loving his new bed. They both went to bed tonight at the same time (though later than their usual bedtime, as we got in from my parents later than usual). Let’s see how the first night pans out and how the morning goes. They usually do wake up at the same time anyhow, Mack usually is up first in his crib and his calling out for us 98% of the time wakes up Sean.

I worked some on Zoe’s February Baby Sweater today, I just need to decide how long I want to make the body, and then I just have some garter to do at the bottom and then it’s done. I also need to find some little tiny dainty buttons for it. Something pearl I think.

Happy July the 4th to my American friends!


kim said...

That's pretty much how we spent the last two days of our weekend, in the pool!

Good luck with the new bed!!!

Amelah said...

Nice! Mom and Dad's pool rocks! I love the 90+ they keep it at :D It is just being in the water that is so refreshing.

Mack looks too cute in his big boy bed!

Bea said...

Looks like a great day. So jealous of the pool availability.

Jenn said...

Wow! I've been out of touch in blog land for quite some time apparently! LOL Congrats on your pregnancy and I see it's a girl at last! Wish you a speedy pregnancy. :-)

Tara said...

Glad the transfer from a crib to a big boy bed seems to have gone well! Some kids don't deal with the transition very well.

g-girl said...

mack looks quite cozy in his new bed. hope the first night bunking with sean went well. :)