Sunday, July 18, 2010



I woke up this morning to find Sean in the laundry basket in my bedroom watching tv. It was too cute. (The kids now come into our bedroom in the morning when they get up, and I guess Jamie took care of them this morning). I love sleeping in on the weekends.

While Mack napped today, Sean & I took out the playdoh. We had fun.

And made a mess.

After our mess, Sean went to lie on the couch and watch some TV. He has had fever since lunch today (ranging from 100.5°F to 101.2°F) so I think that’s why he actually napped today. He’s been also complaining all day that his head hurts him. Thankfully his ears don’t hurt him. We’ll see if he wakes up with fever tomorrow, but he’s not going to daycare tomorrow. He has to be off tempra for 24 hours before he’s allowed to return back to daycare. Poor guy. His entire body feels super hot. I hope Mack doesn’t get fever either. Mack on the other hand is still coughing, it just won’t go away (thankfully it’s no longer contagious).


Here is the current progress on Zoe’s Cap Sleeved Spring Shirt. I am loving this strawberry pink color. I am not sick of knitting this one yet. Thankfully! I do want to also knit another February Baby Sweater in the leftover DIC Classy for Zoe. (Matching sweaters!) Also – I have a lot of other things to finish up and start. I need to finish the last 1-2 inches on Bekah’s shirt. Will get to that in the next few days. Ah, so much to knit – so little time.

Today’s de-clutter progress is here. Got a lot de-cluttered today. Feels great. Really. You should join me and de-clutter too. I’m starting to hate “things” everywhere. In my office. In the bedroom. In the kitchen. I really hope that this project helps me a lot by the time I am done with it.

Tonight my brother came over for dinner. My parents weren’t around to have our usual Sunday night family dinner. The boys had a good time playing hockey and wii with him. We made pasta and fresh salad from the garden. As well, we steamed both the stringless beans and the snow peas from the garden. They’re absolutely delicious steamed! Added a bit of margarine, and voila.. yum! Delicious dinner! I absolutely do not regret one bit, the decision to grow my own garden. It’s simply, a true delight.

Today’s Link Love:
- When I’m 90 (or younger than that too) I want someone to get me a yarn basket cake! How awesome is that?

Off to go crawl into bed and read more in the book I’m currently reading. I’m just about half way done the book. Very interesting ideas. I am really learning a lot. What are you reading these days? Do share your titles with me. Have you read anything worth recommending lately? Do tell that as well.


Tara said...

Aw, sorry to hear Sean's been feeling under the weather :( Hope he feels better soon!

carolyn said...

Isn't it amazing how kids play like nothing is wrong and then all of a sudden *WHAM!* they're down for the count on the sofa. It's scary how hot they get - you can always tell when they don't feel good. Hope he's better!!

Amelah said...

I will try to keep that in mind for when you are 90...then again I will be 86 so I will do my best!!

Aww poor Sean!! Hugs n kisses! xoxo But hey, he napped LOL. Hope he gets better soon! Awe, play doh looks like fun!! Haven't touched that stuff in ages!

g-girl said...

sorry to hear that sean's been sick. why should you regret growing your own garden? that's crazy talk. lol.