Sunday, July 25, 2010



Zeus is unfortunately getting too old to run away from the kids. Sean gets in a LOT of hugs these days. Poor kitty. The kids like to chase after him. We really have no idea how old he is. Maybe 15 now? Not quite 16, as we know he was younger than Jazz, who was 16 and a half when he passed away May of 2009. So Zeus is probably somewhere between 15 and 16. That’s my guess. Recently, our last fish passed away. He was the oldest fish too – from our first apartment that Jamie & I shared. (A clown fish). All other fish after him didn’t last as long as he did. We decided that closer to the end of the summer, we may get the boys some goldfish (maybe 3 or 4) though, after Zeus does pass away, we’re not going to be getting any more pets for a while. With Mack still in diapers and another child coming in diapers, I have no interest in cleaning up after a dog. For now, I am not interested in getting another cat either. Cats are a 15-20 year commitment. Maybe later on. We'll see.

This afternoon we had a birthday party at a local gym type place.

Sean was pretty good at the gymnastics part.
I think I might have to enroll him in the fall for classes.
We’ll see what his hockey schedule will be.

The next fave thing is the ball pit!

My two boys playing with the birthday girl.

Mack walked around the party with these 2 green balls. He likes to carry things around. He tends to be very possessive with items like that. I have a hard time sometimes taking things out of his hands. We’re working on it.


And of course there was cake. Mack was not to be disturbed. He loves his cake. Lots of it too. I wish I had a way to bake meat and veggies into cake. That would be fantastic…! Don’t you think? I should check out my copy of Deceptively Delicious and see if there is anything in there that I can use for meals that could work for Mack.

Today I had a good de-clutter day. I am still looking for Mack’s black Spiderman sandals. They went missing a few weeks ago. He wore them when he came to work with me when he was home sick with that cough. He fell asleep in the car. I stayed in my driveway keeping busy until Mack woke up (with the car on for the A/C as it was wicked hot out). We came inside the house. Sean was picked up that day from daycare by my mom so I didn't have to take Mack out again. So we didn’t leave the house again after coming in. Mack’s sandals were last seen upon entering the house. He took them off himself. Where? We’re not sure. So today I tackled the basement. Mack plays in there. Maybe he stashed them somewhere? Not in the toy bin. Not under any of the 3 couches. I did manage to find stuff to chuck. Today’s de-clutter progress is here. Well, the basement is cleaned up, and I can’t seem to figure out where he could have stashed the shoes. Next place to clean up is the playroom, but after a quick analysis over the last few weeks, I don't think it’s in there either. The only thing I can think of – is if he put them in the kitchen trash. Then they’re gone for good. But it’s really bothering me that they’ve disappeared. I’m baffled. (And don’t worry, he does have other sandals). It’s just that he loved those light-up Spiderman ones.

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Today’s de-clutter progress is here. Today I tackled the basement (toys). I am sure once I finish cleaning up the kids stuff, I can go back through the stuff we have and find more to de-clutter. The playroom is one of the next rooms that is on my list to tackle.


Jennifer said...

i think deceptively delicious is fascinating! picked up a copy at a garage sale for a buck and am so glad i did. of course, haven't gotten around to trying anything yet (lazy), but someday i will!

Emily said...

Would they eat meatloaf? I put lots of veggies in mine, and you could "frost" it with mashed potatoes...

Amelah said...

RIP to your fish!

Poor Zeus LOL!

Atlast your boys get their dog fix from Bosco, Harley and now Chopper!

Aw! That looks like fun! I remember when we used to do gymnastics!

Tara said...

Yeah, our new kitten gets lots of love from the kids. But she's young, so she's usually able to run away and hide, lol.

g-girl said...

would mack have put his sandals in the trash?? that's just crazy. lol. baking meat into a dessert? good luck with that. lol. zucchini and carrots are easy to do..possibly parsnips since they're supposed to be sweeter than carrots. it might be possible!

Nicole said...

You can put avocado in chocolate desserts!
here is one recipe
but there are probably thousands all over the internet.
i've also seen avocado/chocolate smoothies, mousse and a bunch of others.