Thursday, July 08, 2010

07.08.10 :: 107 weeks old

Mack is 107 weeks old today.


Kept Mack home today.
He blew some kisses.
Besides his cough, you’d never think he was sick.

He certainly doesn’t look sick.
One more day he has to be cooped up in the house.
Poor guy.

While out in the yard this early evening, my next door neighbour asks us if we installed a camera on the roof of the house. We couldn’t figure out what on earth she was talking about. Then we saw this. (See to the left of the chimney?) My dad’s missing circular saw. He must have left it up there when he came to fix our gutters…. uhm…. eons ago. Too funny. We all got a good laugh about it. Jamie called my dad right away to let him know we found it! (I actually had no idea it was even missing).

Garden updates:

Green pepper! (We had this one at dinner tonight actually)

Cherry tomatoes slowly turning red.

We finally have snow peas growing.

And stringless beans.

Tonight I picked our first cucumber and our first zucchini.

I love that the only thing NOT from the garden for dinner tonight was the rice & meat. The salad, and grilled zucchini, as well as sliced cucumbers and green pepper were all picked before eating. I love summer. I love my garden. It’s 150% rewarding.

Sean woke up feeling fine today – so he did go to school. I have to keep Mackie home one more day tomorrow. I hope we both survive one more day being cooped up. He just wants to go out and play, and I really don’t want him to. I feel so bad, but I’d rather this cough go away than get worse. Not sure if this heat will affect him any. Plus, it’s way too hot to go out and play. I wouldn’t even want to go sit out in this weather.

The plumber finally came today to install our gaz bbq. We finally have a working BBQ again. So we grilled up our first zucchini (perfect timing for the zuke!) and some meat and dinner was delicious. (I had been chasing the plumber for about 2 weeks now to get them to come. It was either raining (and they couldn’t work outside) or the guy who had our stuff for the job wasn’t on call that day when it finally was nice. Finally it worked out today. Afraid to see the bill that will come in the mail though. Took 5 hours to get it all set up. Damn plumbers and them knowing how to charge up the wazoo…

Jamie had ball tonight, so I was left in charge of bedtime. You see, somehow Jamie’s bad cop and I ended up good cop. So the kids sometimes like to push my buttons. Tonight, somehow I got talked into an extra episode of Caillou before bed, 5 stories instead of 1, and extra milk. And it’s sooooo freakin’ hot out that I just didn’t care to fight or argue with them tonight. I got called back to the boys room a few times after they were supposed to be in bed tonight, and the final time, I found Mack had used the height of his bed to climb out of bed onto his changing table. I had to fight him to put him back into bed. Not sure why neither of them wanted to go to bed tonight. Is it a full moon or something? Or is it just the heat wave we have in Quebec? I have never eaten this many Popsicles in my entire life than I’ve had to keep me cool in the last couple of days. For example, it’s late night now, and it’s still 28°C (82°F) and with the humidex it’s 38°C (100°F). With the sun already set. Night time people. This is insane. They’re “calling” for rain tomorrow. Thunder showers to be precise. I hope so. I want it to cool down. That would be very nice.

If you were a 2 year old, where on earth would you stash your sandals when hiding them? Mack took off his sandals on Tuesday when he got home from work with me, and I can’t find them now. I’ve looked everywhere. I don’t get it. Sandals just don’t go missing. Yesterday when we left to go to the doctor, in this ridiculous heat, I had to put him in socks & his sneakers because I couldn’t find his sandals. It’s driving me nuts that I can't find them. I hope they turn up and I don’t have to turn the house upside down looking for them. Even our cleaning lady couldn’t find them when she was here. Sandals just don’t disappear. Do they?

I’ve been getting into the book I’m currently reading. I am about 100 pages in. (Amazon states there are 304 pages in the hardcover.) So I’m a third in, and I’ve just started it recently. I think it’ll be a fast read. I’m enjoying it so far.

Today’s Link Love:

-Thank you Cynthia for sharing a link to this awesome recipe. I hope to get to make it soon.
- Love this Gift-a-hint site. I know a few people who could use some of these products!
- Totally will have to make Zoe some of these cute pants.
- Love these felt headbands and these felt bracelets.
- Love these photos. They made me smile

Link Dislike today:
- Have you guys seen this? That’s just insane. It’s almost as bad as when a relative of mine’s ex was blog stalking me back when I was pregnant with Sean. No idea if they still read my blog or if they’ve finally moved on and gotten a life. See, articles like that, reassure me why I keep things simple on my blog and generalized. Sometimes I wish I could go more into detail with you guys, my beloved blog readers, but this day in age, you have to be careful. I’ve also stopped writing too personal of things on facebook as well. I keep it generalized and light.


Tara said...

Hope Mackie is feeling better! At least it isn't quite as friggin' sweltering as it was last week...

Amelah said...

Wow read your dislike! Creepy! Some people! It is like that anon that was commenting on my blog all te time, insulting me and my friends. Glad they finally stopped, for now anyways!!!

Can't wait to have a nice, fresh salad from your garden!! YUM!

g-girl said...

that's hilarious about the saw! teehee. oh the mischief is just beginning with those two!! hmm..if i were a 2 year old where would I stash my sandals? did you try toybox? in the couch? they could be anywhere! good luck. :)