Wednesday, July 28, 2010

07.28.10 :: 43 months old


Sean is 43 months old today.

When taking my self portrait with Sean, Mack asked to have his photo taken too. “Me, too mommy” he asked. “Cheese”, he continued. So cute. (Damn, how’d I get the Toronto Maple Leafs part of his Canadian hockey team bead spread in the photo? Grrr!)

I finally cracked down and made an excel spreadsheet of all the novels I own. (Read and un-read). I’ve discovered in all this, that I have 11 books that are duplicates. This was the purpose of this list, so that I don't continued to buy duplicate books when purchasing books, whether it be brand new, or from the used book center. (I tend to get gift cards to Chapters for mother’s day/my birthday/chanukah/xmas, etc – which I am totally fine with). But I also love supporting the “little guy” used book store. I think now when I go in, I will take my spreadsheet, and if I find a book, I’ll consult with my list (by author), to see if I already have that book or not. I’m a huge reader and I can’t always remember if I’ve read a book or not.

I’ve started having a dance party in my belly. I love it. When I’m on the go all day long, I don't really feel her, unless I do a swift move and she doesn’t like it. I mainly feel her when I’m hanging out on the couch or in bed, lying down. I love feeling her. That was one of the things I missed most about being pregnant after having the 2 boys. I know that I’ll get baby fever again after this one, but I only wanted 3. (Jamie wanted 2 children. I won.) The baby fever usually starts after 6 months after I've given birth. (We got pregnant with Mack when Sean was about 9 months old (They’re 17.5 months apart). Mack will be 2 and a half when his sister is born, and Sean will be just about 4.

I think it’s the year of the girl! A few people I know due at the end of the year are all having girls. Very excited about this. Zoe will have some little friends to play with. It’s so much fun! When I had Sean & Mack, I swear, most people I knew, were having boys. Now it’s girls. The girl in my pre-natal yoga class (Which I didn't have today, because our yoga instructor is on vacation) is having a girl. Another girl in my pre-natal aqua class is having a girl. (The other girl that I talk to doesn’t know yet the sex of her baby). The girl I met this week in Mack’s swim class, is having a girl in September. And a few other people I know due this fall are due with girls as well. Something in the water! (I do know a few people having boys… but those are rare this year!)

Mack now has fallen out of his bed (by the food of his bed) twice this week. I am not on the hunt for a 2nd hand bed rail for the foot of his bed. (He has one on the side of the his bed. I never had this issue with Sean. I am going to have to literally “box” Mack into his big boy bed. We still can’t figure out how both himself and his comforter (and once his pillow too) ended up on the floor by the foot of his bed. I’m waiting to hear back from someone who is selling theirs bed rail, if not, I’ve got to do something as soon as possible about this. He’s been in his big boy bed now since July the 4th. I didn’t have this issue with him falling out of his bed until this week. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

FO pictures are coming of Zoe’s Girl Cap tomorrow. Also – I started a new project tonight, stay tuned for pictures tomorrow of that as well.

Today's de-clutter progress is here. Small de-clutter today. Will try harder tomorrow.

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Pinkmin said...

Is Mack falling out of the bed and hurting himself or waking up crying? Or are you just finding him on the floor in the mornings? I only ask cause I used to wake up on weird positions (i.e. head on the floor - feet on the bed or feet on the floor - head on the bed etc) for years and years and years. But it wasn't a problem ... I was just a very active sleeper. If Mack isn't hurting himself maybe it's ok?

Tara said...

I admit, I miss that part about being pregnant. I'd do it again, if it weren't for the fact that I'd have another child on my hands afterwards! lol

Big Girl Feet said...

Your guys are too cute!
& I wish I had more time to read, I miss it!

g-girl said...

oh my gosh! poor thing. hope you figure out some kind of solution for him falling out of his bed. wow, a dance party in your belly, already? :) well, it must be the year of the girl this year then!

Jennifer said...

There used to be a website...something like "bookshelf" or virtual bookshelf, where you can list all your books and access it when you're out. I'm SURE for the iphone now you can find some ap to list them all (or import your excel spreadsheet...I LOVE spreadsheets LOL) so when you're out and get the impulse to buy, you can see what you have already.