Thursday, July 29, 2010

07.29.10 :: 110 weeks old


Mack is 110 weeks old today.

This early evening we met up with my friend and her 2 daughters to make some Challah (bread). There is a local Chabbad community center that has this program for kids, so we went to check it out. It took my boys a few minutes to get rid of their initial shyness, but after that, they had a really good time.


Rollin’ the dough!

Mack with his finished Challah.


Sean with his finished Challah.

The 4 Challah’s we made.
The ones with sprinkles on it have chocolate chips hidden inside too!
I need to bake them tomorrow before dinner in the oven.
I cannot wait to taste how they come out!


They even served the kids dinner tonight at the Challah making night.
Isn’t it so cute the way they put the plates together!?
Of course my boys eat a lot and ended up eating more than what was on their plate.
I swear, my boys will eat my fridge clean when they are teens.

I finished Zoe’s Girl Cap:


Pattern: Girl's cap sleeved spring shirt by shellee floyd (My Ravelry Project)
For: Zoe due December 2010
Yarn: 1 skein of Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash in Strawberry Pink
Needles: US 6 - 4.0 mm, US 8 - 5.0 mm and US 10 - 6.0 mm
Size: 3T
Timeline: July 17-27, 2010
Modifications: Knit pattern as written to desired length of shirt.
Opinion: I love it. I can’t wait for Zoe to grow big enough to fit into it!

And I started another Girl’s Cap. Yes, I really do love this pattern! This time, I’m using Woodchick’s modifications for newborn size. I really do recommend this pattern. It’s great. I just love it. And a very quick knit too. There are people on ravelry whom have knit in in like a day or two. I wish I could knit that fast or have that much time in a day or two to actually knit, but I don’t. But anyhow, it’s a super fast knit.

So, twice this week, Mack has fallen out of his bed by the end of the bed. I decided he’s not going back into the crib. I need the nursery at the end of the year. I decided, for now, to get a 2nd bed rail for the foot of his bed. So I went on craigslist last night. I found one for 10$. Emailed the person. Get an email this morning, and it says “Hi Robyn, it’s T, you can have it for free, when do you want to meet up?!” We laughed about this for about 10 minutes. T and I have re-connected (thank you facebook) and have been trying to make plans for like 2 months to get the kids together to play. We haven't seen each other since the end of grade 9. (I switched high schools). Her son Tyler is turning 5 next month, and her son Dylan will be 3 in the fall. We stopped there tonight after making Challah. The Challah class got out a lot earlier than I expected.The 4 boys tonight played VERY well together. And they don’t live far from us at all. It was nice to reconnect with her. And I’m glad our boys all play nicely together.

Funny how things work out sometimes. (In a good way!)

No de-clutter progress today. I didn’t have the energy today to go through anything. I’ve got a super busy day tomorrow, so if I take another small break tomorrow, then I’ll make up for it on the weekend. Promise.


Jennifer said...

the cap sleeve shirt turned out too cute! i 'faved' the pattern on ravelry and might just have to purchase it to make for ashlyn.. didn't look closely at it, but assuming it comes in different sizes.

how fun that you got to meet up with your long lost friend - such a small world!!

Knittymuggins said...

Love your little girl sweaters! Almost (almost) makes me wish I had a girl to knit for ;) Your boys are darling and I'm glad you all had so much fun making Challah bread together!

g-girl said...

looks like you all had fun making challah bread. cute that they also served the kids dinner! i hope that there will be other cool classes for you and the boys to take. yay for finding a second bed rail and for reconnecting with an old friend. the world really is that small sometimes. hmm..maybe you can make an adult size cap sleeve! :)

Yarnhog said...

That is so funny that it took craigslist to get the two of you together!

My husband is Jewish (I'm not), and during the early years of our marriage, I used to do Chabad for him on Friday evening. I always made Challah and I loved it! The braiding was my favorite part.

Barb said...

That looks like such a fun pattern and so cute!!

Zonda said...

I love the cap sleeve. These will be so versitle I think. Let us know how the bread tasted. I bet you'll have lots of "extra" help if you make any at home now :)

Tara said...

What a great idea for a kids' program! *Sigh* Why don't they have stuff like that in the friggin' boonies where I live????