Saturday, July 03, 2010


Today Sean had soccer again.
This is Sean (#5) and his best friend on the team (#8)
I love this shot I got of them.

The morning starts off as drills.


Sean worked on his skills.

Sean scored many goals today.

I lost count after 5 goals. The probably was more.
The kid is a super athlete.
I got a bit of knitting done this morning on the sidelines.

popshotjuly3Today was Sean’s popsicle duty day, so we supplied the team with popsicles.
Here’s our weekly popsicle shot.

Since my friend M is already 37 weeks pregnant (and a few days) and is hoping her baby is born any day now, we decided to take a belly to belly shot, before her belly is no more.
37 and a half weeks vs. 14 and a half weeks.
(Before I know it – I’ll be halfway through my pregnancy)

  This afternoon after lunch we headed to a local fair.
Sean refused to go on any of the rides.  
One ride he saw scared him and he refused to go on even the train ride.
Maybe next year.

So we played some games instead, and he won a monkey in a banana. 
He was happy!


My fave game is ski ball.
I played it for almost an hour with Sean last night on the Wii!
Too bad I wasn’t as good in real life.

The rest of the afternoon (or rather almost all the afternoon) we spend in my parents pool.
(One of the many reasons why I moved 3 streets away!)
Mack tried out a new float device that worked out well for him.
He has a new obsession today with licking the water.
I don’t recall Sean ever doing this at that age.
Silly boy.

   And Sean’s new obsession is with the goggles and snorkel.
He’s too cute.
And a huge fish in the water.


Papa (my dad) even made some cotton candy. Yum!


The landscapers came today and finished the front garden.
We got in solar lights, a few more plants and some rocks. Looks wonderful!

Part of tonight’s dinner came straight from the garden. It was sooo good.


Here is the current progress on Zoe’s February Baby Sweater. I am loving it. I think I have enough leftover yarn in the Dream in Color Classy that I made my February Lady Sweater in, to make Zoe a matching one. I love this pattern so much, that I think I will make a 2nd one. Seems like most people who used this yarn made it in 1 skeins or just over one skein of DIC Classy, and I have one full skein plus maybe 40% of another skein, as I only used just over 3 and a half for my Feb Lady Sweater. Perfect. Matching sweaters. I like.

I forgot to write that I started Pre-natal Aqua yesterday at my local pool. I loved it. I feel so good in the water. I heard a rumour yesterday that they’re closing down the pool for the fall session to do renovations. This disappoints me majorly because I would have wanted to keep doing pre-natal aqua until the end of the year when I give birth and not just for the summer session. Maybe I can find a class elsewhere. Also – I wonder what will happen with Sean & Mack’s swim lessons. Will those get cancelled for the fall session as well or are they only renovating the large pool and not the baby pool? Maybe there is some free time they can do the pre-natal aqua in the baby pool in the back (by baby I mean smaller pool – not a tiny pool that a baby can stand in). I could have sworn that the “baby” pool in the back was built recently (last couple of years) so I don’t know why they’d need to renovate it.

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Bea said...

Love the belly to belly shot. Very cute. That sweater seems to be flying off your needles!

Amelah said...

Aw i missed cotton candy! Darn! Glad they each have their floaties! Too cute! Sean is a fish! I remember we could not get him to go off the diving board this year and now he won't stop!

Zoe's sweather is looking awesome! Can't wait to see her in it!

Tara said...

I really like the way that FBS is knitting up, Robyn. But what are the REST of us supposed to knit for Zoe???

g-girl said...

oh no! sucks about the fall renovations but hopefully it is just for the large pool. zoe's sweater is coming along very nicely. :) what wii game has skee ball? i'm jealous! i could play it for an hour myself. homemade cotton candy?? sweet! ;)