Saturday, July 17, 2010

07.17.10 :: 25 months old

Mack is 25 months old today.


This morning Sean had soccer. He’s having a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure how today would go as it’s his first time playing in underwear, instead of in a pull-up (or diaper). The entire hour went fine, even with him drinking plenty of water to keep himself hydrated. Glad it didn’t rain all morning. It actually has been a storm for the most part of the afternoon and early evening. (Hard pouring rain).

We did manage to pick a really huge tomato before it started to rain.


And get homemade kebab’s on the grill.


These kebab’s were a really great idea. I’ve been eyeing them in the grocery store for a while now. For the first part, we had NO barbecue. And then once we actually got the barbecue hooked up, I’d see them again in the grocery store and say to myself that it’s just too expensive to buy pre-made. We finally found the time today to make them from scratch. Much better to feed a family of 4 this way. Saves a lot of money. We made about 12 kebabs with the amount of meat that we got that would have bought us maybe 4 kebab’s in the store. A little yellow & red peppers, and some onion… and we’re set. Oh, and don’t forget the Montréal Steak Spice. That’s the best ingredient. (We used Montréal steak spice on most of our red meat – it’s just THAT good). Dinner was delicious. We had a Caesar salad (which is my current pregnancy craving and a darn good idea that we planted Romaine lettuce in the garden) and everything was just so tasty. Yum!

Tonight I took a self night, as Jamie had hockey. I’ve been trying to catch up and go through the episodes of Oprah that I have on my PVR. Some I’m watching in full, and some I’m skipping through and some I’m not even watching at all (if the subject doesn’t interest me). I had gone from 65 episodes to catch up on, to 43 episodes. Now I’m down to 33. I figure eventually I have to catch up – as her show is ending. I never used to watch Oprah before. I got into watching her show while I was on maternity leave with Sean. Then kept watching it on my maternity leave with Mackenzie. After I went back to work last June, the episodes just kept piling up on my PVR. I’d watch an episode here or there when I had the time, but there’s 5 every week! I’m working, I’m running my household, doing laundry, doing dishes, keeping the boys entertained, knitting, reading, baking, cooking, gardening… when is there time for Oprah? Oh well. I’m trying to catch up as best I can while it’s not tv season (September to May). I’m a TV junkie sometimes. But I can say the same thing about anything I do. I’m a knitting junkie. I’m a book junkie. I’m a gardening junkie… the list can go on forever. Just like the laundry never ends. LOL.

I like Oprah. I like the people she has on (for the most part). I like the topics she discusses. Very interesting stuff. I also always find that I learn new things off Oprah. Tips, advice, you name it. A couple of good books I’ve read were Oprah suggestions. I think I’m going to miss Oprah once her show is off the air after 25 years. But I don’t blame her for wanting to go out with a bang. A very classy way to have an ending.

I’ve been knitting tonight too. I started a 2nd Girl Cap Sleeved Spring Shirt, this time for Zoe. Also in Cascade 220 Superwash, but in another colorway (Strawberry Pink this time). I’ll photograph it’s progress tomorrow. I tried on Bekah’s shirt on Sean today (just for size for length). I have a bit more length to do – maybe an inch to two inches, and then I can bind off. Really, again, I’ll say it – what a great knit. I’m really enjoying this one.

Today’s de-clutter progress is here. Today’s de-clutter was mainly focused in the kitchen. I managed to clean off the counters, as less is best. It’s looking a lot cleaner in the kitchen – which I’m happy about. I still have a bit more work to do – but it’s coming along in there (on the counters). I’m sure I can find more stuff to chuck/donate.

Alright, off to go read more in the book I’m currently reading. I’m getting a lot of ideas on how to live below your means, as I want to start saving more money. It’s really making me think about the way I shop. It’s also really making me think about what I already have, and how I can use the tools I already have. And also – for the stuff I already have – how to utilize it, cost efficiently. Everything in the end is absolutely related. I’m learning a lot – for the better.


Bea said...

Kebobs sound good and Cynthia posted some sloppy joes and pita that looked good. Perhaps I'm a little hungry just now??

Kerry said...

25 months! It seems like his birthday was just yesterday! And Sean is doing such an awesome job! You've got some pretty amazing boys and they're going to be great role models for Zoe. :-)

Your kebobs look SO good! We use Montreal Steak seasoning on our red meats too. You can't beat the taste. I found it recently at Sam's Club in a nice big bottle. Of course it still doesn't last long even in a larger container around here. LOL

Zonda said...

Those look so good! Definately more cheaper and better IMHO, you can tweak them the way you want. I have so much to catch up on my DVR day ;) Good for Sean staying dry for the game! Before you know it, it'll be all the time :) Hang in there!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I'm going to make my husband look at your kebabs and ask him to just copy them. I'll make the caesar salad. ;)

Tara said...

I love Montreal Steak Spice, I agree. I even put it in my Shepard's Pie! LOL

Amelah said...

Go Sean!!

Hmm dinner looks yummy :D

Self nights are good!

g-girl said...

ahh, i was going to ask what your pregnancy craving was this time around! :) i like oprah too. she's starting her own network though right? so her influence will still fill the air, I'm sure. I so have to pick up that book you're reading! :)