Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I’ve got some garden updates for you! Above is some spaghetti squash forming! The flower on the end will fall off as the squash grows. Zucchinis, cucumbers, pumpkins (and I’m sure a few other vegetables) grow the same way. We have to pray we have no issues with the spaghetti squash buds. They seem to grow the same way the pumpkins did 2 summers ago, and some animal kept nipping off the buds of the start of the pumpkins and we ended up at the end of the summer, early fall with 1 pumpkin. Hoping no animal comes and nips these buds off. I want spaghetti squash!

We finally have some zucchinis. While this is the first one that is large enough to be eaten soon, there are other tiny ones starting to grow. Finally! I’ve been craving grilled zucchini. Our BBQ is supposed to finally get hooked up tomorrow, so I hope there will be some more to grill soon! I plant to grill some, bake some and puree some into soup. Oh yum.


The cucumber (and zucchini and spaghetti squash) plants are taking over the garden. This particular cucumber plant is growing up the house wall. The other plants have green stakes that were planted into the ground for them to grow up on, but this plant had a mind of it’s own.

We planted different kinds of cucumbers this year. 3 of the 4 types of cucumbers survived the first heat wave we had at the beginning of the gardening season. These ones above are like English Cucumbers, long and skinny. I can’t wait for it to grow a bit more so that I can pick it.

And we have regular Marketmore cucumbers growing too. The last type, I will have to double check in the garden and get back to you. I know for sure there were 4 kinds and one didn’t make it the heat. (The organic munchers didn’t make it at the beginning – so I planted 2 more zucchini plants in their spot instead. We have a total of 5 zucchini plants in the backyard garden). My first year gardening, I only planted ONE zucchini plant. Someone told me with just one plant I’d have zucchinis growing out of my ear and I wouldn’t know what to do with the excess. That first year, I wanted MORE that what I got. So last year I think we planted 3. Still, I wanted more. This year, I planted 3 again, but in another location, hoping that it would grow better than last year, as I only had room for 3 plants. But when 2 cucumber plants didn’t make it (both the same kind of cucumbers – maybe they just weren’t meant for our gardening conditions and wilted away) I planted 2 more zucchini plants, and hope I finally do get more zucchini than I know what to do with. That’s the plan.

Managed to get squeezed into the doctor’s office today for an appointment. I wanted to get Mack’s cough checked out – and since Sean was coughing a bit – I brought him along too to get looked at. Sean’s lungs are fine, Mack’s got a bit of mucus in his lungs and has something viral that is going on in there. There’s nothing we can give him or do for it, so he’ll just have to cough it out. Poor guy. I am keeping him home from daycare for the rest of the week and Sean will be going back to school tomorrow providing that he doesn’t get worse at all. Glad that it’s nothing serious. I was worried that Mack had asthma or something, as some of his coughs sounded like they could have been related. Nothing to worry about.

The boys were super cranky today. This heat is making us all grumpy. I was able to get Mack down for a nap in his big boy bed – successfully. It was his first afternoon nap in his new bed. So far, so good. Sean gave up his home naps around 2 (he does still nap at daycare). I’m praying Mack doesn't give his up just yet.

Jamie called me mid-afternoon from the golf course (lucky guy getting to golf with a supplier from work – however I don't think I’d want to be golfing in this heat) and told me that he’d watch the kids tonight, and that I should make plans and go out. Since there’s no knit night tonight (people busy with out of town guests, stuff with their kids, etc) I made plans to go over to my friend D’s house to swim. It was a nice evening – her pool was about 83°F which was perfect because it was still 33°C (91°F) out.

Better late than never – the July Calendars are finally ready for it’s release to the public. They’re free, so please use one! From left to right you have Carol’s scenery, Scout’s Flag, Cynthia’s Peonies and my dock at the country house. Let me know if you use one and which one!

This video is quite fun. It is part of an incredible project called I Believe She's Amazing. You can read more here and add someone you love to the list of amazing women you know.


Zonda said...

So it's just as hot up there too! Hope it cools soon! I'm using your dock calendar, love it! Your gardening is looking awesome. Drooling over all of them! Hope the boys feel better soon!

Bea said...

The garden looks great. You're getting the kind of heat up there that we are used to. We actually decently cool because its been raining here.

Bine said...

I choose the lovely peonies calendar for my desktop. Love these blossoms!
Greetings Sabine

Tara said...

I've got yout dock on my computer at work!

Amelah said...

what country house? The one from Jamie's family?

This heat wave is too much! Poor Mark has to work in it :( he comes home and goes straight to bed!

g-girl said...

the garden looks amazing! good luck with the spaghetti squash. :) glad you were able to squeeze the boys in at the doctor. :) ooh, a night out! lucky. :) i was waiting for the july desktop calendars! lol. my favorites are the dock and the scenery one.