Saturday, July 10, 2010


This morning soccer got canceled. I still can’t figure out why because it wasn’t raining. It was a really nice day today actually. Maybe there was too much rain yesterday that the fields are soaking wet. That could be why. I didn't mind the extra sleep in. The boys enjoyed some morning cartoons. I love how they each love to have a remote control in their hands. Boys!

Late morning we headed to the park for my friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party. (Mack’s sitting on the slide with the birthday girl above)

The boys had fun on the in ground trampoline. Speaking of trampolines I should get Jamie to put together the one that my siblings bought Mack for his birthday before the summer is over. Mind you, the can use it in the basement in the winter.


And both boys LOVE the swings.
The both kept asking to go higher and higher.

We had a good time at the birthday party.
Mack ate chocolate cake for lunch, refused to eat anything else.

This afternoon Jamie took Sean to get him a goalie stick. He’s been asking for a while for one, as he has full goalie (play) equipment but didn't have a goalie stick. He’s now the proud owner of a goalie stick and has been playing with it for the rest of the day. I tried to get Mack to nap but couldn’t. Kept hearing feet puttering around his room, and after many attempts gave up and just let him stay up. I really hope that he does not give up his weekend naps. He still needs them. Sean gave up his weekend (home) naps (still naps in daycare though for the most part) around the same age Mack is now. Just after turning 2. I hope this is not the same thing happening.

Late afternoon we had some friends over for a BBQ. One couple brought their almost 11 month old son. Cute kid. Doesn’t do much. Isn’t talking any words at all yet, nor is crawling or picking himself up or walking. He just likes to be held by his parents. I think they spoiled him a bit too much, which is why. (At least they admit it). They are first time parents and they are learning as they go. She was asking my advice on a few things, but you know what? It’s different for each household and for each individual kid. What may work for us may not work for them. What may work for one of our kids, may not work for our other. Type of thing. We enjoyed having people over for a BBQ, our first one with our new BBQ. Though, I can tell you that I am super sick of hot dogs and hamburgers. They made me so nauseas tonight. We have to start BBQing other stuff or I’m just going to remain nauseas. Not fun while pregnant. I did enjoy some strawberry cheese cake that one of our friends brought and kinda was happy that there are leftovers in our friends. Mmmm – my fave cake of all time. Want to win me over? Strawberry Cheesecake.

I managed to seam up the sleeves tonight on Zoe’s February Baby Sweater. I picked which buttons I want to use – but those I’ll sew on tomorrow. Stay tuned to see which ones I picked. I’ve also started to weave in some of my ends. Almost done! What to knit next? (I’m going to take a break and knit something else before I go to the 2nd February Baby Sweater in the same yarn I used to knit mine).

I’m going to hit the hay early and see if I can get a lot further into the book I’m currently reading. I’m about halfway through now – from 292 pages. (Whatever online site I was on that told me there were 304 pages – was wrong. My edition has 292). I’m hoping to finish it soon, I have so many other novels waiting for me that are calling my name.


Tara said...

FINALLY CAUGH UP!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! I'll remember to make you some strawberry cheesecake if I ever fall out of your good graces :)

Amelah said...

Yes, you should get Jamie to put together the one we bought for Mack's birthday for the boys!!!

LOVE the close up of Sean! Beautiful smile!!!

I should ask Brenna if she knows any recipes for strawberry cheesecake LOL :D

Can't wait to see a picture of Sean in his FULL goalie equipment!

Anonymous said...

i have buttons for sale they are jhb ones 75% off the price if interested contact me

g-girl said...

love that in ground trampoline!! swings are definitely the best. :) can't wait to see which buttons you ended up choosing!