Friday, July 16, 2010


I am so sad that the pool in my area is closing down for the fall session. They’re not sure if there will be still pre-natal aqua in the fall, as they are not sure if they are keeping any of the “day” classes like aqua running in the small back pool, but for sure the kids swimming lessons are not being held for the fall session. They’ll start back up again in January. I don’t think I am going to even to bother registering them for the fall session elsewhere. I think I am going to just take a break for one session, until January. I do want to see if I can find a pre-natal aqua class somewhere else (preferably during the day though, I don’t function too well at night anymore for activities of the like).

This morning in pre-natal aqua I made friends with a teacher. She’s the only other English speaking in the class (we’re 6 of us, but so far we’ve only ever been 4 at once. Last week she was there, but I wasn’t (Mack was home sick) and the week before I was there, but she wasn’t. She’s super sweet, and due the same week as me. She’s not sure her exact due date, her Ultrasound at the beginning of August will confirm what date, but she’s due somewhere between Dec 26th and the 31st. (I’m due Dec 28). It’s nice having new friends in the area, due with a baby at the same time. Since she’s a teacher and has the summer off, I think she’s going to join me for pre-natal yoga. The other 2 girls in the yoga class are due at the beginning of the fall, so as soon as they give birth, there will be no one left in my class. I am glad that I’ve found someone else to join. We instantly bonded. Now that I’ve dumped the useless people in my life in the mental trash (no offence to them, but I have no reason to keep them in my life), I have room for new people in my life. I am all for meeting new people. Maybe she’s a knitter as well… you never know!

After work, I picked up the boys from daycare and learned that Sean didn’t have a single accident today either! He’s had a superb week potty training in big boy underwear. Aside from one accident during daycare nap time and a few accidents here or there at home at night, he’s been doing VERY well. So proud.


Sean helped me pick stringless beans and snow peas today after school/work. They were the only things that were ready in the garden (besides some spinach, but I don’t know what to do yet with the spinach, so I’m not picking it until I’m ready to do something with it. Mmm! Fresh produce.

The boys invented their own poker game tonight while my in-laws were over for dinner. My in-laws are huge poker players (texas hold’em) and Sean likes to play poker with them. Mack really got into it tonight as well.

Tonight Jamie and I finally caught up on Big Brother. I worked on Bekah’s Birthday gift, but had to stop because it’s getting a little long, and I need to find someone to try it on, for length. Now I’m thinking about starting another one for Zoe, also in Cascade 220 Superwash. What a great pattern (Girl Cap Sleeved Shirt). Need a quick knit? It can be easily knit in less than a week, depending on how much knitting time you get.

Today's de-clutter progress is here.


Anita said...

Hope your new friend does knit! That would be lovely. Kind regards, Anita.

Big Girl Feet said...

What do you think of this season's BB? I think they have managed to find the dumbest and most annoying cast yet- LOL!

Tara said...

Way to go Sean! Maybe Mackie'll start going too and you'll only have Zoe in diapers next year?

Amelah said...

The boys poker playing is too cute :D

Yeah for Sean!!! Keep up the good work! xo

g-girl said...

you could always teach her how to knit if she doesn't already know. :) that sucks the pool is closing down! but maybe good that you take a break?