Monday, July 26, 2010

07.26.10 :: 186 weeks old

Sean is 186 weeks old today.


Here is the update on Zoe's Girl Cap Sleeved Spring Shirt. Almost there, literally.


I don't have much more to knit - compared to Bekah's shirt that I made - and now have to wrap up Bekah's for her birthday. (Once I'm done knitting Zoe's for length reference - though I can't knit much more than the yarn I have - it literally uses up one skein - and I'm not going to crack open another skein - the length after 1 skein is perfect).

Sean asked me this morning in the locker room at swimming lessons, how Zoe will be born. It's a good thing that I am having a C-section, because I didn't feel like getting into the details of a natural birth with him this morning. He still thinks "I have a (word for wee wee that is 5 letters starts with a pen and ends with an is) and daddy has a (word for wee wee that is 5 letters starts with a pen and ends with an is) and mommy wears underwear". For now, I don't want to have to get into the birds & bees with my three and a half year old. It's a good thing he didn't ask me how Zoe got into my belly...! I did tell him that I will go to the hospital and have an operation and the doctor is going to cut me open and take Zoe out. I then said the doctor will stitch me up, and then he asked "With skin like this?" (pointing to the skin on my arm). "Yep, my skin will look just the same afterwards, buddy", I replied. Gosh! I think I'll be bringing him to my next ultrasound. I think he might enjoy seeing his sister live on the screen. Mack won't get it, I don't think, or probably won't care either way/be interested in it - so I think I might just bring Sean along.

I made a new friend today in swimming class. She missed the first 3 swimming lessons, and I missed the 2 after that. We were both there today. She lives in my neighborhood, her son is 15 and a half months old and she's due in September with number 2 (a girl). She seems really nice, and it'll be nice for Zoe to have a friend (a few months older) to play with. We tried playing Jewish geography but couldn't come up with anyone the we both knew. Only after we added each other to facebook did we see that we had 7 mutual friends. The "Jewish" community really is that small. Especially in Montreal.


Tonight we had a cousins playdate. I met up with Jenn at a local Mcdonalds for dinner & for the kids to play. The always have such a good time playing together, we should really do this more often.


Keeping them in one place is always hard.


And all together for a group shot?! Forget about it!
They're 4 active boys!
(Ranging from 18 months to just over 3 and a half)
(December 2006, May 2007, June 2008 & January 2009)

Today's de-clutter progress is here. I did a huge clean up in the playroom today. I still have to go through what I threw into the garbage bag, I didn't have time to do that this afternoon. I am still looking for those Spiderman Sandals. I have faith that the might just show up. I keep asking Mack where he stashed them... he looks at me and then gets his other sandals that he has. Nope buddy... the black ones... you know, that light up.


Tara said...

Gotta love the Micky Dee playdate! Even though I tend to feel mildly guilty about letting them eat the actual FOOD, heh.

g-girl said...

lol. mommy wears underwear? so what does daddy wear then? teehee. that would be cool for him to go with you to your next ultrasound. i wonder what his reaction will be! oh that will be nice for zoe to have a friend in the neighborhood! wow, your mcdonald's play area looks much nicer than the ones i've seen around here!

Jennifer said...

So cute- and in a few years they'll be playing on the other side of the park! (Though hopefully not like those girls that were there...)

I remember when I was pregnant with Henri, I told Jakob the baby was in my tummy, and he'd kiss it to kiss the baby. Luckily he never thought to ask how the baby was getting out!!