Thursday, July 01, 2010

07.01.10 :: 106 weeks old

Mack is 106 weeks old today.


After a little sleep in, we went to our work BBQ bash that we were having in town.


Jamie and I own a franchise in the family business, so we got to bring our kids along too.


Sean was a cutie and real sportive today!


My Canada Day spirit in my silly hat.


Mack was all about baseball today.


Sean helped daddy’s volleyball team.
(He’s actually about to hit a ball in the picture!)


The team Jamie played on (he’s in the Habs shirt). The 3 guys in white are employees from our franchise. The guy in the red shirt works at head office and is Jamie’s golf buddy.


Group shot of everyone who was there today.
Not every store had representation at the BBQ.
Those who could make it came out.
I think we were about 60 people.


My mom & dad – the hosts.
(Love my dad’s apron? I brought it back from Italy for him).


By the end of the day, there was one hot dog left.

We had a good time.


So much so, the kids were zonked on the way home.


Ahhhh, silence.


When we got home, after a quick nap, the boys helped me in the yard.
I did some weeding in the garden, Sean tired weeding in the grass.


Sean looks like he should be working on a farm!


Got some green peppers growing in the garden finally!


And some cherry tomatoes are finally turning red!


We picked our first 2 red tomatoes, and made a cucumber/tomato salad for dinner tonight. Oh, it was delicious. We even added in some fresh shallots from the garden. YUM!

Hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day however you celebrated! Happy 143rd Canada!

Those of you whom have won prizes, some of them I will be issuing out, and some I will be sending your names to the designers to send out your prizes. Stay tuned! And thanks again for playing!


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Your family sure knows how to throw a party!! And your garden is growing so well! I need some of your gardening skillz. :)

g-girl said...

the BBQ looks like it was super fun! love your dad's apron. lol! look at all those cherry tomatoes growing in a row!!

Yarnhog said...

What a lovely, lovely day! There's nothing like kids zonked out in the carseats at the end of the day, is there?

Amelah said...

Happy Canada's Day! It was a fun event and hopefuly dad does more! It is good to get all the franchises together! hopefully more come to the next one!

Hmm.. cherry tomatoes :D

Tara said...

That is the greatest apron EVER. Kudos to your Dad for wearing it out in public, LOL!