Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I almost fell asleep in pre-natal yoga this morning. It was so relaxing. And during the sun salutation, – I got really tired. Quite the workout for a pregnant woman. (Well the variation that my teacher does anyhow).

This afternoon I waited around for the plumber to come install my gas line for the BBQ. Did he show up? No. And it only started to rain around 5pm. He could have worked outside ALL afternoon. I was so mad.


Tonight I went knitting with some friends, and finished the sleeves on Zoe’s February Baby Sweater. I’ve started working on the body now. I am in love with the color and I love the way it’s knitting up. I think I’ll be finished this one in no time. Which is good, because I have four million other girlie knits on my list to do. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the boys.


There was a gorgeous sunset on my way home from knitting tonight. I just love the sky when it’s like that. And it was so late too when I saw this, almost 10 pm. I know the days are starting to get shorter and shorter these days, and we already had the longest day of the year, but it’s still nice to see the sun set late.

Ok, I want to go see if I can read the last few pages in the book I’m reading to finally finish it off. I swear, I only have like 15 pages left or so, and I keep falling asleep while reading. I want to move on from this book already, I hope I can just get through the last few pages. The book just has been dragging on. But I wanted to finish it. No idea why I just didn’t toss it. It’s the religious stay at home mom book. I wonder if I have any friends who would want to read it, and probably enjoy it. There's too much church stuff for me, a non-practicing Jew.

I leave you tonight with this hysterical 911 call!

Can you believe this nut?


Kimber said...

The sweater is looking so nice! I wonder why I never made one of those? Once again, yay for girlie knitting! :)

Kerry said...

The sweater is just gorgeous Robyn!!! Love the color and the pattern is one of my favorites for little girls. Now you and Zoe will have mother-daughter sweaters. :-)

g-girl said...

you are such a trooper to want to finish this book!! the color is definitely gorgeous. jealous that you saw a sunset close to 10pm!! pre-natal yoga definitely sounds relaxing!

Bea said...

The sweater looks great. Its still on my list for the future at some point when I have yarn I want to use for it!

Amelah said...

Haha that call was hilarious! Can't believe some people! Only in the states I guess!! Where did you find it?

Tara said...

I used to work in a fast-food joint. People really ARE that crazy, trust me!