Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Pattern: Zoe's Button-Up Baby Wrap
For: A photo prop for after Zoe’s born
Yarn: 2 skeins of Adrienne Vittadini Mia (had literally just enough)
Needles: US 17 - 12.75 mm
Size: for a newborn
Timeline: June 22 2010 (4 hours approximately)
Modifications: Knit pattern as written.
Opinion: I love it. I can’t wait to have a little baby to put into it.

Well, as you noticed above, I called my baby by name. Jamie and I finally decided on the spelling of her name, and our daughter will be Zoe Violet. Zoe’s been our girl name since we were pregnant with Sean. It was our girl’s name again when we were pregnant with Mackenzie. After 2 boys, I finally get to use the name. We were going to use Zoey Rose, but then 2 things changed. 1 – Jamie’s cousin had a Hannah-Rose, and calls her Rosie. I don’t want to step on any toes, so we’re not going to use Rose. Also – 2 – we decided to use Zoe instead of Zoey, since we can find name personalized things with Mackenzie & Sean, so it wouldn’t be fair if Zoey can’t get stuff with her name on it. I was thinking also maybe Zoë, but I don’t think Jamie likes that. Why, I don’t know? I think it’s different. I’m totally okay with it just being Zoe Violet without the e with the ë. I’ve liked the name Zoe forever. From as far back as I can remember. I also liked the name Noa, or NoaRaeAnne (I think I invented that one, used to use it as a screen name e-ons ago when I used to post on – when it was free before moving to blogger). Jamie’s late grandmother was Rae, but Zoe is higher up on my girls list for names. The Violet, it’s another flower, in honor of the late Rose. We might use Rose in hebrew (Varda) as Zoe’s hebrew middle name. (Still trying to work out the details of what her hebrew name will be). Oh, and I can paint her room Violet. How about that. My new found obsession with purple (since being pregnant with Mack!) I also love the name Abigail/Abbygail, thinking about using it as a hebrew name. I saw it on the list of hebrew names, but not sure if it’s appropriate. I thought it would be cute, because Zoe & Abby are 2 of the girl characters on Sesame Street. I’m a geek – I know. I have a couple of people I can ask, I’ll toss them an email, because Jamie seems to think that Abbygail is not a hebrew name. This website tells me otherwise. I think Abbygail Varda sounds really nice for a hebrew name.


In other knitting news, I’ve started a new knitting project. It’s the Baby Valentine Sweater. I got to the start of the lace pattern and I stopped working on it tonight as I need to re-read it tomorrow with a well rested mind. (It’s past 10 pm now and my pregnant brain don’t function so well at this hour). I am in love with this color of yarn (Colinette Jitterbug’s Whirly Fig). I just love working with Jitterbug. (To date my fave piece I’ve made is my Ishbel.

I had a good evening out with some knitting friends tonight, and we found somewhere that the service is great, the food is good, and so is the lighting. The place is owned by a family member of mine, and we even have a table reserved for us. Who could ask for anything better? I’m glad I was actually able to eat dinner, because the nausea is just killing me. A friend of mine suggested that maybe it’s the pre-natal vitamins that I am taking that is making me nauseas. (This article is interesting to read). She had that as her problem, so I’m going to see if by not taking them for a few days, if I am feeling better. If that is the case, I will switch and just take folic acid instead of the entire pre-natal vitamin. The only thing I’m loving is my really strong nails. They’re growing beautifully because of the pre-natal vitamins.

I’ve managed to round up a few more pattern prizes for the next giveaway. A lucky winner will win these patterns by Lisa: Sown, Seeded, Charm & Lucky. Don’t you just love these pattern names? I am working on a few other prizes, so I’ll keep you posted this week. Hoping that Tuesday’s final giveaway (I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the month already!) is sent off with a big bang!

We had an earthquake today mid-afternoon. I wasn’t even sure what was going on until it was over. It felt as if there was an 18 wheeler in my garage/driveway, revving. The worst of the damage here, was this toppled over umbrella in our backyard. I checked the house over, just to make sure. When I got back inside, still not sure what happened, I wasn’t the only person updating my facebook status stating “Was there just an earthquake?”… turns out, it was around 5.5 or 5.7 (depending on what source you find) on the Richter scale, originating between the Ontario and Quebec border between Montreal & Ottawa. The earthquake wasn’t scary or anything, but I had no idea what was even going on until after it was finished. I don’t ever think I’ve experienced an earthquake in Montreal.

Today’s Link Love:
- I wish I was more advanced in sewing, I’d love to make these shoes for Zoe.
- I’ve definitely collected plenty of changing pads over time with my 2 boys, but this tutorial is neat.
- Totally making this knitted shirt for one or both of my boys. It’s just too freakin’ cute.
- Loving the ENTIRE new Macy Gray album Sellout. Her voice rocks.

ps- Just a reminder that I'm throwing a contest for this entire month! Details are here.


kristo said...

I love the name Zoe!!! So cute. (and you can get loads of SesameBeginnings baby clothes with the name "Zoe" on them. Bonus!)

~Jo~ said...

Congrats on the new pregnancy!!! I may be biaised but I love the name Zoe (my own Zoe is now 11yo). It means Life in Greek too. We spell it Zoe but since we "live" in French, everyone writes it Zoé so we have to tell them each time. My daughter does write Zoë sometimes for fun.

Oh and I totally named my daughter after the sesame character! ;)

Barb said...

LOVE her name so sweet

Angela said...

Re. prenatal vitamins. I used to take mine at bedtime, because they would make me burp all day if I took them in the morning.

Robyn (everydaymiracles at cogeco dot ca) said...

I love the name Abigail - my daughter will be 8 in September She gets called Abby, Abi-girl and Abba (by my 2 year old). When choosing names, we chose it as the meaning is "father's pride" or "father's joy" and thought that would be very appropriate! I also love the name Zoe and if I ever write a book, the heroine would be Zoe!

Pinkmin said...

CUTE names :-) I really do hope it's for sure a girl! So ... Vered is actually the more traditional form of rose in hebrew. Shoshana is also an option that means rose. And Abigail is definitely a hebrew name ... it's from the Torah ... means father's joy.

We felt the earthquake too ... it was so weird!

Caroline said...

Zoe Violet is a beautiful name. I love it!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I felt the earthquake here in London, Ontario, but probably not as much as you! :) Wasn't that crazy?

kim said...

Love the name!! We liked that name back in the day before we even had kids!

dawn said...

I'm in love with purple too, after being a blue person for a long time. I love the name, and I'm sooooo excited for you!

Amelah said...

Earthquakes just don't happen in Montreal! Crazy!

Can't wait to meet my niece Zoe!! :D Oooh the endless possibilities of stuff we can buy her!! LOL.

Love the knitted shirt with tie! Too cute!!!!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the comment fellow canadian! Love your blog! I will definitely be looking you up on ravelry! I'm a fellow knitter as well. Congrats on your pregnancy! I love the name Zoe as nice!

g-girl said...

i was wondering when you would decide on the spelling. i knew a girl who had the two dots over the in her name. zoe is a great name. we were in a candy shop yesterday and i saw one of those cups (like mack's and sean's) and was gonna get it for you but didn't know if you had decided on the spelling yet! how sweet a baby valentine sweater--too bad yours isn't in pink too! ;) an earthquake in Canada??? weird!

Girl Knits said...

The little baby wrap is so cute! Can't wait to see a baby in it!

Knit Girl Knit said...

Love the baby bag! So cute. Great color!

Bea said...

Zoe Violet is a really cute name. I know you guys will figure out exactly what you want for her hebrew name. So weird about the earthquake. Glad there wasn't much damage and you guys are fine.

Tara said...

I never felt the earthquake either, people were texting me saying "Whoa!!! Earthquake!" And I was like "Huh?". LOL