Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I kept Mack home from school today. He has a really bad runny nose (which seems to be 100% better now, probably because he rested at home today). It wasn’t even clear runny. It was green runny (which usually is a sign of infection/virus). Daycare told me to keep him home. His songfest is tomorrow, and I want him to be in tip top shape for that, so I kept him home.

Sean on the other hand, went to school today, but didn’t really have a good day there. He’s been a tad challenging lately. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s moving to the next class next week, or what, but he hasn’t been 100% cooperative. I’m hoping this attitude changes.

I did get to nap today. I actually napped while Mack took his afternoon nap, and boy was it appreciated. I don’t ever get to nap during the day, except for maybe on the occasional Saturday (rainy) afternoon. I woke up still tired though, and probably felt even worse. I’ve been feeling like we’ve been non-stop on the run lately, and I’ve been feeling a tad run down. Hopefully after Father’s Day things will start to slow down a bit. My next 2 weeks are absolutely jam packed. I’m actually looking quite forward to a little down time in 2 weeks. I just need to make it until then. I think I can do it. I’ve also been going to bed wicked early lately. I find it helps. The boys seem to be getting up earlier and earlier as the sun rises earlier and earlier. The longest day of the year isn’t even upon us yet (June 21st, I believe), and I really need to get some black-out blinds to put behind the curtains in the boys rooms. This early morning wake-up business is killing me. I need more sleep.

Oh! I forgot to mention! Last night we had our first ever fresh from the garden Caesar salad with dinner. It was absolutely fantastic. I was super upset that there wasn’t enough lettuce leaves for seconds. Soon we should start having more leaves on the plants, and there will plenty for seconds. Ahhh, I love summer salad season. I love our garden. It makes me ├╝ber happy.

You want to know what else I forgot to tell you? The other day, (couple of days ago, can’t remember which one), I found my cell phone. I was in shock. You know, the one that I thought I lost? Yeah, it was under my desk, at the back. How it got under there, I haven’t the faintest idea. Well, since I like my old cell phone better, and have been using that, I gave my lost but found cell phone to Jamie, since it was the same one he was using, but his had a cracked screen & wasn’t holding the charge anymore. Anyhow, I still can’t believe it. Especially since I called it from sitting at my desk, and I can’t figure out why it never rang, as it had been left on, when I lost it.

Speaking of lost things, my Ishbel is still missing. Damn angry.

The lucky winners today are:
- 1 lucky winner of a one year (4 issues) subscription to KnitCircus : GIRL KNITS!
- 3 lucky winners of a copy of the Summer Pattern Collection (Issue 10) from KnitCircus: SARAH B, KRISTO & NADINE!
2 (instead of 1) lucky winners get a copy of my Collection sock designs: YARNHOG & YVETTE!

Please make sure I have your email addresses, so I can email Yarnhog & Yvette my PDF and that I can pass on your information to KnitCircus to get you your prizes. (I’m not directly issuing your prize to you).

Next week I’ll be giving away one copy of the following patterns by Mona Schmidt: Kamouraska, Rill, Lili Kimono, Gilet de Tricot and Toddler Tee. Thank you Mona for donating the prizes.


Caroline said...

That salad must have been soooo good! I wish I had a garden! I'm hoping to try and grow tomatoes next year, but I don't have the space for a garden.

Amelah said...

Yummy, fresh salad!! Naps are good! There should be like national nap hour where all businesses close from 1-2 pm lets say for employee nap time! HAHA!

I hope Sean gets more cooperative! That sucks!!

PS - you should contact Julie about blinds. The ones in our bedroom are awesome for keeping out the sun light!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Woot, woot!!! What a lovely surprise! Some new patterns might be just the thing to kick-start up my knitting again! :)

Sending you 'good hunting' vibes for that Ishbel. :(

Sarah B. said...

Thank you so much! I am so excited about the new patterns!

Bea said...

I wonder if moving to the new class will give him some new challenges and keep him busy again and he won't feel the need to act out or do whatever he's been doing.

Knit Girl Knit said...

Oh you found your cell phone! Really?! Great news! I remember talking to you online and you were so upset you lost it. That's great that your hubby can use it now instead.

I am sure your Ishbel will turn up too. When you're not looking for it - of course!

g-girl said...

i can't believe you found your cell phone. to me that's a sure sign that ishbel will turn up! hope mack was able to make it to his songfest!

Tara said...

That's the trouble with naps, sometimes you actually feel worse afterwards! I try to get a quick cat nap (about 20 minutes) when I'm really zonked, and I find that helps.