Friday, June 04, 2010

06.04.10 :: Yarn P0rn Friday

Yarn P0rn Friday brings you this lovely skein of Natural Cascade Magnum. I want to make a cowl with it – I love how chunky& soft it is. I’ve been digging chunky yarns too lately. This skein was picked up at Chilliwack Wool & Craft in British Columbia as part of my birthday presents from Vancouver this year. I used the birthday money that I received from several people to get the yarn. This yarn will definitely keep me busy for a while, until my yarn diet of 2010 is over. Kind of makes me glad my birthday is in the middle of the year.


Today after daycare we hung out in the backyard. I decided to bring out the potty, just in case, so while I was planting, I wouldn’t have to break to run into to take Sean to the bathroom. Let me tell you, that I am so proud of Sean. I caught this photo just before he made you know what, for the first time in the potty. We are so extremely proud of him. And let’s hope that we can continue to get him to do his business on the potty as well as just peeing. Apparently “number 2” is the harder than getting them to just pee in the toilet. Sorry if this is too much information for you. It’s my blog, and I’m damn proud of Sean! (And one day, he’ll probably kill me for taking this photo!)


We hired a new gardener to mow the low. Ha, just kidding. It’s a fisher price toy.
Oh, and finally a garden update! (With many more to come over the summer)

Finally placed my “welcome to my garden” stone in the garden near the tomatoes.

Sean wants to show you that the Zucchini plants are growing nicely.

We have some beans sprouting. (Stringless beans)

I planted celery today. I’ve never planted celery before, we’ll see how it goes this year.

We have some cherry tomatoes starting on the plant already.

As well, some larger tomatoes.
(I believe they’re Fantastic Tomatoes, but I’ll have to double check).
romaineletsAnd the Romaine lettuce is doing extremely well.
We’ll be eating fresh Caesar salad before we know it.
(Our Pomme Head lettuce is doing well too,
only a matter of time before we have fresh salad to eat).

Got one more free Huggies Point for you: BJCPN-JNFMS-SPPGB which is worth 1pt.

Today’s Link Love:
- Love this baby mobile tutorial.
- This inspired me to re-organize in my office, more to come on that in an upcoming post.
- This magazine seems really cool. I wonder if it’s sold in stores here. I’ll check out Chapters on my next run.
- Loving I Am Woman from Sex & The City 2 Soundtrack. It’s actually performed (sung) by the 4 girls.
- Also loving this version of Empire State of Mind, also on the SATC2 Soundtrack. (I got my CD in the mail (thank you Chapters!) and cannot stop listening to it!

Today’s Link Hate:
- Did you hear? Jamie Salé & David Pelletier, the famous skating duo are divorcing? So sad.

I started a new knit project tonight so that I have something to seam on my last Finishing Class with Mona Schmidt on June 16th. I will show you progress tomorrow & tell you all about it then.

ps- Just a reminder that I'm throwing a contest for this entire month! Details are here.


Kimber said...

Way to go Sean!!!! This is a big deal!

Kerry said...

Yay for Sean!!! What a big boy he is!!!

Love your new gardener! I'll bet he works for cheap too. ;-)

The garden looks great! I'm hoping to get mine in next weekend. You're such an inspiration with yours and I'm dying to eat my own fresh veggies instead of the ones from the local farm. Although they do kick arse too. LOL

kate-the-enabler said...

That'll make a really lovely cowl. I'm eyeing Malabrigo worsted for cowls for our daycare providers as an end of year thank you...
BRAVO SEAN!! (and yes, he'll certainly get you for that pic - but I really feel proud for you, what great progress.) and BRAVO garden ;)
As for the organized craftroom link...yup - those always get me too...actually the ones that REALLY get me are the organized mudroom photos. Makes me almost desperate for a mudroom... ;)

Girl knits said...

So jealous of your garden!


Girl Knits

dawn said...

You could so use the potty photo as blackmail someday...number 2 was harder for my boys too.

kristo said...

Yay Sean!!! That's awesome! (and you're right, he is totally going to kill you later for that photo!!!)

Eugenie said...

hi Robyn
happy Birthday to you !
enjoy this month and my wishes for you are keep knitting because i love read in your blog about Knitting food garden the kids and much more it 's so fun

g-girl said...

how very wise of you to bring the potty out to the garden!! :) hope he continues to keep using the potty! your garden is so organized and neat looking!

Bea said...

Excellent Sean!! Way to go!

The garden is looking really really great.

Tara said...

Yay Sean! Hope he's stuck with it.