Saturday, June 05, 2010



Sean started soccer this morning. He’s on the purple team, The Bubblegum Team. They started out this morning with some stretches. They look so cute in their oversized jerseys (which I tried shrinking in the laundry today, but no luck, the jersey just won’t shrink).

They did some warm ups kicking the ball to one parent.
(Jamie went up while I stayed on the sidelines with Mack).

They practiced scoring on the net.
Sean’s a pro.
Action kicking photo. I love it.


Then it came down to game time. They were playing the blue team.
Not sure what the blue team was called. I think maybe the Gumdrops.
They were split into 2 teams of 5. (11 kids on the team, 10 were there today).
When Sean’s BFF Zachary was on first,
and was time for Sean to go up, they wanted to play together.
So cute. I’m going to ask the coach next time if they be on the same scrimmage team.

When Sean’s turn was happening, Sean scored for his team.
You can see him in purple in control of the ball!

Luckily we managed to find a soccer ball to entertain Mack on the sidelines. All Mack wanted was to go play on the field with Sean. He won’t even be able to play for 2 more summers. This year it’s the 2006 babies the youngest level, next year 2007 then the year after will be 2008 (Mack was born June 2008).

Though, he was a good sport.

The team got popsicles after the game. Every kid is on popsicle duty for one game. We’re on duty July 3rd. Popsicles or freezies? Hmmm....

Sean & Zach enjoying a popsicle after the game.


This afternoon while Mack napped…
Sean & I went outside during a brief period of sunshine to make a mess.


Oh, Bubbles are so much fun!

bubblezhanny funbubbles
And this Handy Manny tool is really neat too.

hammerbubbles largebubblehammer
Sean was able to make large bubbles as well as small ones.


We had a fun time making a mess.
That’s what summer is all about!

Last night I started a new project. I need a quick project for my finishing class with Mona Schmidt. It needs to be done by June 16, 2010, the final class. I started a baby vest, as it’s probably the only reasonable thing I could knit in such a short period of time, for the class. I’m making the long sleeved version. I am loving a) how fast it’s knitting up and b) the stitch pattern. So far, so good. Will keep you up to date on my progress. It’s a really nice teal shade of Cascade 220 Superwash, with a hint of a heather to it. I like the colorway. I’ve already finished the first part of the back and now I’m working on the first part of the front. Someone on Ravelry finished one in 6 days, so I’m hoping that my week and a half that I have left to work on it, is enough time.

Today’s Link Love:
- I wanted to get this PDF to knit, but someone beat me to it. I’ll have to wait until she relists it. I want to knit a wonky jellyfish!
- Can’t believe this guy is knitting 7 socks on one circular needle. Is he insane??
- I want this lens. Hoping I can get it as a birthday/anniversary gift this year. Crossing my fingers. The lens I’m shooting with now, is 18-55mm and not acceptable for the soccer field! Must get a longer zoom!

Today’s Link Hate:
- Just the other day I picked up the cat glass for my friend since I happened to be at a Mcdonalds that had one. She’s collecting them and now is only missing the Shrek glass. (There’s Fiona, Shrek, The Cat & The Donkey). Well, what do you know, the glasses were recalled. She’s pissed. At least she can still look at them. Just not drink out of them.

ps- Just a reminder that I'm throwing a contest for this entire month! Details are here.


Sophie said...

Super cute baby sweater, will look forward at your FO on it

Caroline said...

I wish I could have taken Mona's finishing class. I hope she'll offer it again!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

The pictures of Sean blowing bubbles are priceless! You should get them framed. :) And I saw that recall of the Shrek glasses this morning, and I agree that it is super frustrating.

Yarnhog said...

I love team sports at that age! They're like little bumblebees, all movement and no forward motion. The oversized clothes are just part of the charm. Enjoy it!

Kimber said...

Can't wait to see your finished vest! I want a zoom lense too. I told my husband so we'll see :) I am actually going to take some classes this year too.

Kerry said...

Looks like you've got a natural on your hands there! Dailaesse is chomping at the bit for soccer to start. Signups were Wednesday and they don't start playing until next month. Thank goodness we have baseball to keep her busy this month!

We have 6 of each of the glasses and the kids are super pissed that they can't use them too. They are so cute! I'm tempted to keep just one of each instead of returning them all.

Wish we could have made bubbles with you. We love bubbles!

Maaike said...

Freezies all the way -- that way if they don't all get eaten, you can just throw them all back in the freezer when you get home. Freezies are also way less messy.

Sarah B. said...

I'll be returning my glasses tomorrow. No sense keeping stuff I can't use, just more clutter. I've been on a MAJOR de-cluttering kick lately, have 9 bags going to Goodwill tomorrow and that's not including 3 huge boxes of baby clothes going to one of Mom's girlfriends!

Girl Knits said...

Can't wait to see that sweater done! Looks like a fast knit indeed!

Great links - thanks!

Oh, soccer looks like a LOT of fun!

Girl Knits

Amelah said...

Can't wait to come watch Sean's soccer game! BTW the girl in the 8 blue jersey is my neighbor Maya. Too funny!

Rebeca, another neighbor in my row is also on the blue team but she is not on the field in that picture. Too funny!

g-girl said...

well, it looks as though sean was born on a soccer team! ;) love the bubble shots. cool bubble blower that sean's using too! is that a hammer? vestee is a pretty color!

Bea said...

Fun!! Looks like he's really going to enjoy soccer.

Tara said...

Those wonky patterns are so cool! Did you end up buying any? There are plenty available on her site now... (you know, over a month later). I needs me a bigger lens too...