Wednesday, June 16, 2010

06.16.10 :: 104 weeks old

Mack is 104 weeks old today.

Today is my birthday!


My day started off with my yoga class.
It was very relaxing.

Then I ran into the city to meet up with Jamie at Ovo Clinic. We wanted to see the newest member of our family for the first time. I’m 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant as of today, due on Sean’s 4th birthday, December 28, 2010. FINALLY! Out in the open! I don’t have to keep this secret anymore. It’s been very hard for the last few weeks to hide my little round belly (photos to come!)


It’s amazing the technology for 12 weeks.
The appointment I had yesterday was my OB check-up with my new doctor.
Baby is healthy, doing well, right on growth and absolutely no risk for Downs.
Heart beat sounds fantastic as well. (I heard it for the first time yesterday).

I did get the Ultrasound technician that I was recommended by both Kate & Melanie (as well as from a few other people). She was awesome this tech and actually the only one on duty today. She gave me an 80% prediction of the sex of the baby, which I will save and share with you soon (no sense in hiding the sex, since I want to knit stuff for this baby), but let’s save the sex for another day! Any predications from you what I’m having?? What do you think? 3rd boy? Or finally a girl? (And if you already know, because we have shared with close family & friends, please DON’T spoil it in my comments!) I promise, I won’t leave you guys hanging too much, I know you all want to know the sex of the baby! I need to call on Friday to find out the results of my bloodwork, but everything so far looks okay.

Seeing the baby today was quite the birthday gift, let me tell you!


I hung out with Madeleine this afternoon before we headed out for our last Finishing Class at Ariadne Knits. We had a nice evening, it was really relaxing, and I brought along some Raspberry Mousse cake. It was delicious.

I can say that I had a fabulous birthday today.
Thank you to everyone for all the birthday love.

Today’s Link Love:
- I love this shawl pin. On my wishlist. Oh and this one too.
- Oh my, I want this keychain. Annie Adams rocks. (Or this one).
- I so want one of these row counters in any color.

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ps- Just a reminder that I'm throwing a contest for this entire month! Details are here.


Bertha said...

OMG! Hooray!! I am SO happy for you! Congratulations Robyn & Jamie! xoxo

Shelby said...

Congratulations Robyn!! I am so excited for you all! I'm guessing it's going to be a girl. Yay!

Barb said...

Congratulations!!! love those row counters :)

Caroline said...

Yay! No more secrets! Congrats again :)

michelle w said...

Congrats Robyn, and happy birthday!

craft-chick said...

I'm guessing a girl!


deirdre said...

Happy Birthday, Robyn!! And you're right - could there be a better gift? The images are amazing!

Big Girl Feet said...

Congrats!! You must be so happy!!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Happy Birthday, Robyn!! I think that a baby on its way is the bestest birthday gift EVER!! Hurray!

Robyn (everydaymiracles at cogeco dot ca) said...

Happy Birthday and Congratulations! Can't think of any other gift that could top seeing your little one for the first time! I am hoping it is a girl as there are so many more fun girl patterns but as a mother of three boys (and one daughter too!) - boys are great! Robyb (in Ontario)

PS Can you believe our babies are two? Elijah turned two on Tuesday, I have to keep pinching myself to believe it!

Anie said...


a finishing class is great to improve the knitting quality, I took one with Kate Gilbert a few years back and it really helped.

dawn said...

What cute little sonogram photos! I love it! I've got my fingers crossed for a girl.

Tara said...

Those shawl pins rocks! (I knew about the pregnancy, I know the sex of the baby - that's all I got!) :)

Karen lorenz said...

Thanks for sharing such gorgeous pictures, wishing you well


In the Cloudy UK

Nicole said...

YAY!!!! Congrats!
As soon as I saw the picture of the ultrasound, I smiled really big!
Super happy for all of you.
I think you're having a girl.

carolyn said...

Oh, how wonderful!!!! Congratulations, Robyn - I hope hope hope it's a girl, though I'm sure you'll love it no matter what the sex is! That's so awesome --- hugs to you!

kristo said...

Happy Birthday!!! And Cogratulations! :)
The 3D ultrasound picture is incredible! Whether its a boy or a girl, its definitely going to be a cutie!

kate-the-enabler said...

Congratulations Robyn, and Happy happy birthday. You look so happy in the photos from this post - clearly a good day for you. The pics of the little one? Priceless, and SO CLEAR - even the 3-D ones aren't always that sharp! Glad you enjoyed Rosie - she's been excellent with us. :)

kim said...

omgosh!!! Congrats!! I guess this is what I get for not reading blogs for a few days!!!

Knit Girl Knit said...

Happy Birthday Knit & Purl Mama!!!

Hope you had a great one!!

Those U/S pictures are sooo awesome. And clear! I guess that's 3d Technology for you!


illahee said...

congratulations!!! so exciting!

g-girl said...

congratulations, again! :) it looks like you had a fantastic birthday from start to finish. ;)

Bea said...

Happy Birthday!!! Belated, sorry!! Congrats again on the baby. So happy for you!!