Tuesday, June 29, 2010

06.29.10 :: 14 weeks


I am 14 weeks pregnant today.


The boys were being really silly this morning. Well, Sean was. Mack was looking at him like “do I know you?”

You know, there are moments that are truly sweet. Where there is no fighting going on at all, and they actually love each other. And they’re not actually sitting on each other. Moments like this, where they are hugging. It does actually happen. And it’s truly sweet.

I managed to get her cell into "silent mode" but even though the ringer is on high and ringer is activated it's still on "silent mode". No idea how to get it back. Argh. Sometimes I hate technology.

There are exactly 100 days left until the Habs season starts on Oct 7, 2010. Because you all care to know. I’m hoping to pack in as many games as I can comfortably sit in, until Zoe is born.

I started my pre-natal vitamins again today after talking to the pharmacist at the pharmacy next to my work. I am trying to take them at night (with dinner) instead of first thing in the morning. If the nausea comes back (I had no nausea from Thursday until today after stopping them for a break to see) then I’m done with them, and I’ll just take folic acid and maybe a calcium supplement. I’m willing to give the pre-natal vitamins one last chance.

Oh, winners! You want winners! Well, here you go!

The Wiener Hat by hotcheese :: Nadine
Sown, Seeded, Charm & Lucky by Lisa :: Kim
Strawberry Mittens & Flannery by SpillyJane :: Girlknits
4 patterns from Jeannie’s Ravelry Store (Winner’s Choice) :: Rosebelleknits
2 more copies of my entire sock collection in PDF :: Dawn & Caroline
Spring in Your Step and Trinity Sunrise by Kerry :: Sarah

Thank you to everyone who has participated in my month long birthday celebration. I hope that the comments you have been leaving don’t stop just because the contest is over. I love hearing from you. I love responding to comments. So keep ‘em coming!


Barb said...

Grats to all your winners!!

Zonda said...

Congrats to your winners!

Oh..I feel for you on the prenatal vitamins...same thing happened to me :(

Knittymuggins said...

Aww... you look so cute! I almost miss my preggo belly ;)

Best of luck with the prenatals. I was super sick at first when taking mine too but ended up taking them just before bed, hoping that I'd sleep through the nausea. Eventually I got used to them. I hear it's the iron that makes you feel yucky :(

Congrats to your winners!


g-girl said...

such a sweet pic of mack and sean. :) good luck with those prenatal vitamins!

Sarah B. said...

What great patterns! Thank you!

kim said...

Good luck w/the vitamins. I hardly took them when I was pregnany with Cole. I was sick ALL the time & they didn't help.

Did I really win something?! I NEVER win anything!!! Thanks Robyn!

Amelah said...

Darn I did not win anything :( Oh well.

Pregnancy suits you well :D

Awe! Brotherly love! I love my nephews!! Too cute that picture!

Tara said...

Wow, that's the first time I've heard of pre-natal vitamins causing nausea! Hope it cleared up when taking them at night. Oh, and I hear ya on the sibling-love. It's rare, but oh-so-sweet when they do it!