Thursday, June 03, 2010



My sister was giving away some pieces of furniture, that actually belong partly to my old bedroom set (though who knows which pieces actually used to go with what, as we each have different pieces from our old bedroom sets (which were custom made). Sean’s sleeping in my sister’s old bed, and shortly, when Mack gets into his big boy bed, he’ll be taking my old bed from my childhood room in my parents home. They’re pretty much almost identical beds. Anyhow, these corner units (as seen above) went at the end of a wall unit. My sister had 2 of them (2 different sizes actually) to give away, so I took one for my office & the other for the playroom. I have already put one in my office and it’s totally reorganized my office for the better. I am loving the new shelf space. Thanks sis! (And instead of keeping my powder/laundry room (which is off my office) door open all the time, maybe it’ll keep the cat out of the toilet, if I keep the door shut!)


Today I had lunch at a friend’s house. Ended up staying for a while and then helped her son (once he got home from school) make a birthday card for his dad, who celebrates his birthday today. I had so much fun digging through the jar of foam alphabet stickers. Must go get a jar. Those letters are fun!

Today I was getting frustrated with my mini skeins for my babette blankets. So I turned some parts from a kid toy. I had received this toy from my friend Eugenie, who gave them to me for the boys. I hadn’t given it to them yet, as we have a lot of stuff in the house – I guess I was saving it for a rainy day. Well, I thought they would be excellent to turn into a mini swift! I started with the above creation. Then I thought about it even more, and then came up with this creation below:


And it works just wonderfully!

Jamie and I finally watched the last 2 hours of the last season of 24. They totally left it open for a movie. Do you watch 24? What did you think of the ending of the series? Are you happy with the way they ended it?? I’m kind of glad they finished it after Season 8. I don’t think Jack Bauer could have gotten himself anymore shot or stabbed or in the line of fire any more than he has, and not ending up dead. He’s like a cat with 9 lives and used them all up.

Today I love:
- Ruffled girl bums on outfits.
- This necklace.
- Lollypops from this shop.
- Love this ring.
- This bowl is really neat.
- These soaps are really awesome.
- So are these soaps.


Amelah said...

Your welcome :D Enjoy!!!

HAHA that is pretty creative mini swift!!!! Who said kid toy are useless?!?

kate-the-enabler said...

Bravo on the mini-swift - what a great idea. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy seeing your 'what I love' links everytime you post them?

kim said...

Love your mini swift!!!

Yes, we watched 24 and we totally think it was left open for the possiblity of a movie.

Girl Knits said...

Very Cute Swift!

Great links!

Arts & Crafts are so much fun.

Great office organization!

Girl Knits

dawn said...

Love the mini swift...what an excellent idea!

g-girl said...

wow, those cupcakes were soap??? and the lime ones were cool too! i'm jealous of the corner units you picked up from your sis! very nice mini-swift. so do you keep it in your purse now? ;)

Bea said...

I'm glad you go the swift thing sorted. I just mostly unwind the whole of the skein you gave me and crochet from the puddle on the floor. For some reason the dogs do leave them alone.

Tara said...

I agree with KTE, your links are always awesome!