Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Mack conducting business from Jamie's cell phone.
We caught him having a very long conversation.
What he was saying? I have no idea.

So I went to put on my summer tires (finally) on my car yesterday. Turns out, one of the tires as a nail through it and another was ripped. So after going back and forth between talking to the guy at the shop and my husband and my father too (because I know nothing about tires and cars) we decided to just leave my winter tires on for the summer, as I am getting rid of my car sometime this fall (probably trading it in rather than selling it). After killing an hour with Sean while waiting for my car to be ready, the guy waits until the hour was up to let me know that he can’t even change 2 of my tires because of the nail/rip. It was a tad frustrating.

Today I had a doctor’s appointment first thing in the morning, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow. Then I ran home where my mom was watching both boys, so that she could run home and let her dog out to then come back to come with me and both boys to Mackenzie’s 2 year old check-up with the doctor that is following our family doctor’s baby patients (our family doctor is still on maternity leave until the fall). I am so happy that Mackie finally gained some weight! 25th percentile for weight (26 lbs) (up from 10th percentile at 18 months) and 50th percentile for height (2 ft 10 inches!) (Down from 75th percentile for height). He used to be tall and skinny and now he’s slowly averaging out. Good news. I am very happy about this. Everything else is great and he’s doing good. No complaint from the doctor, so no complaints from me.

After the doctor’s appointment, which was started late (both appointments today were really late after the actual appointment time – very not happy with either doctor), we met up with my grandmother for lunch. Lunch was nice, besides the fact that my boys don’t do to well when they haven’t napped, so lunch was a little fun, to say it nicely. I wonder if there is a certain period in every child’s life where maybe they just shouldn’t be brought into restaurants? How are your children in restaurants? Do you have any tricks you’d like to share on how you get them to stay quiet in their seat? And I’m not talking about babies. I’m talking ages 2 – 4 (and probably older). Tips please! Crayons and coloring doesn’t always hold their attention for very long. Especially not when one of your children decide to dunk the crayons in his glass of water. (Please know that only one of my children drink out of a cup the other is still using a sippy cup, which crayons cannot get dipped into). He didn’t care that he had spilled water all over his placement or himself by dunking his slice of bread into the water either and completely soaking it. Fun stuff.

Oh! So you want winners! I have some winners for you for this week’s give-away!

If I don’t have your email address please sent it to me here and I will get it to the designer (Mona) to issue you your prize. Thanks!

ps- Just a reminder that I'm throwing a contest for this entire month! Details are here. Next week I’ll be giving away one copy of the following patterns by Tottopper, Betsey's Braids and Roar, a Dinosaur Hat (which is one of my fave kids hat patterns, I’ve made one for each of my boys), thanks Kate for donating the patterns! I’ll also be giving away 2 more copies of my entire sock collection in PDF.


dawn said...

Hmmmm what do we do for the kiddos at a restaurant besides crayons??? Books, cell phones, or card games...that's all I got and I'm not sure it really keeps their attention that much lol.

Tara said...

Restaurants are tough, I agree... I tend to carry a bunch of little toys around with me at all times (figurines, bakugan, etc.) and we rotate. Building skyscrapers out of the little creamers is also a big hit!

kate-the-enabler said...

That's ME! What a cute pattern - thank you for the contest Robyn, and I'm looking forward to receiving it. Woot!
As for the kids - we generally only go to restaurants for breakfast when they are at their 'best' for the day. I carry plyadough and a wee train - and we let them drink the coffee milk....The place we go tends to have VERY quick service, which helps a lot. Best o'luck :)

carolyn said...

I used to take books and read to either Cole or Lainie from the time we ordered until the food arrived. The other thing is that if I knew they were tired, then we got take-out/drive through and went home. I knew if they were super tired that it could be dicey, so I avoided taking them into restaurants.

Knit Girl Knits said...

You rock for having contests all throughout the month!

That's crazy about your car tires. Well, at least you aren't keeping your car much longer.


g-girl said...

glad to hear mack's 2 year old checkup went well. sucks about the tires but as you said, you're not keeping the car anyway!

Bea said...

Way to pack on the pounds (ahem) Mack!!