Monday, June 28, 2010

06.28.10 :: 182 weeks old/42 Months/3.5 Years Old



Sean is 182 weeks old today/42 months olds, making him exactly 3 and a half years old.

I survived week one of both kids at swimming lessons at the same time this morning. Things took a little longer to get organized, but we managed before & after. Oh and the quarterback's daughter is now on Mondays at the same time. 7 more weeks of summer lessons to hope that he comes to watch, if he doesn't have to be at practice. (I will get that autograph. I will get that autograph.)

I am upset that I accidently bought cottage cheese instead of sour cream. Tacos didn't taste the same without sour cream in them at dinner tonight. Thought I was grabbing the Sour Cream at the grocery store, but there must have been one cottage cheese container stashed in with them. I tried 2 corner stores and a pharmacy before dinner, but only one place had and what they had was expired. I didn’t feel like going back to the grocery store at that hour, so I dealt with no sour cream at all.

I really shouldn't be allowed to watch "A Baby Story" on TLC while pregnant.

I’m  taking a poll. If you have a daughter and got her ears pierced - what age did you do it at? If later on, why did you wait? If she doesn't have her ears pierced yet, why not? I started thinking about when I’d get Zoe’s ears pierced. I don’t have a daughter yet, so I haven’t had to go through it yet. I can’t wait though.

I saw this article and found it to be very interesting. I wanted to share it. The Journey of a bagel.

This afternoon I had the luxury of taking a nap. I got into my dish chair and started to read the book I'm trying to finish up (only have a handful of pages left), but I couldn't keep my eyes open. I think I napped for a good hour and a half. I really feel like I've been a walking zombie lately. I was hoping my energy would return now that I am out of my first trimester, but it hasn't. I guess already having 2 boys who are handfuls and very energetic is slowing me down.

ps- Just a reminder that I'm throwing a contest for this entire month! Details are here.


IrishGirl said...

I had my daughter's pierced when she was 3 months old. That's when her pediatrician said it would be okay. I had mine pierced at 10 years old and I REALLY wanted them pierced, but I was SO scared. I had one done and cried like crazy before the second one. I almost didn't get it done. When I had my daughter I decided I didn't want her to go thru that. (She is now a teen and has thanked me MANY times for not having to remember having them done ;) Also, all she did at 3 mos. old was frown when they did it. I had two nurses do it at the same time.

=] Hope this helps,

P.S. Sean is 3 and 1/2! Wow, I'm usually to sleepy by the time I get around to blog reading to do the math from weeks/months to figure out his age, lol. He's a cutie. Congrats on the new baby girl!

Telmah said...

I really recommend that her ears not be pierced with a gun. Even if you are thinking of having it done as a baby by a doctor, the piercing gun (with the sharp earrings) are really not appropriate for making healthy piercings. Just because everything is sterile in a doctor setting and the risk of infection is not what you are worried about, the trauma to the tissue of being pierced with the blunt object can cause scar tissue that will negatively affect the life of the piercing. Also, all the loops and grooves in the setting and backing of those "piercing" studs are just the perfect environment for bacteria to hide. Those guns and studs are designed to be cheap and usable by people with limited training-- they are not designed with the consumer's health and safety as the first priority.

I'm not against ear piercing at a young age, but I would strongly recommend going to a professional who uses needles instead of a gun. These are much sharper, and actually made with effective piercing as the primary goal. These piercers go through a lot more training (usually a full-fledged apprenticeship)... a doctor has plenty of medical training but ear piercing understandably not their main focus, and let's not even start about mall girls. ;-) I know that these guys/gals usually work at those weird holes in the wall with lots of extremely pierced/tatto'd clientele, but if you can get past appearances, they will be really impressed that you are choosing the correct piercing method and happy to help you regardless of your demographic. ;-)

g-girl said...

no daughter to speak of myself but i can tell you that i had mine done as a baby. i wouldn't have wanted them done where i was old enough to feel the pain though!

Sarah B. said...

My mom made me wait until I was ten or so. Until I was old enough to take care of them myself she said. She also milked it for several months making me prove how responsible I was (ie doing all my chores) I'm pretty much planning on doing the same thing to Bean.

Bea said...

No kids obviously, but mine were pierced at 4 and then a second hole at 12 (went at the same time as my grandmother for her first hole. Moral support.)

Amelah said...

Ya I don't think Taco's taste just as good with Cottage Cheese then they would with Sour Cream! LOL.

I think mom did mine at 3? Don't remember, just remember two girls, one on each ear and did it at once as not to have me cry and refuse the second hole LOL. Did we get them done together? I say 3 months like everyone else!

Tara said...

I decided to wait until Émilie asked me to have her ears pierced, which she did at about 3 and a half. I wanted it to be her choice, and she was really happy with them (and has been ever since).

Jennifer said...

I'm going to wait until Ashlyn is old enough to #1 request that her ears are pierced and #2 old enough to be responsible for cleaning them and taking care of them. My mom let me get mine done when I was 7 and I don't even think I cried, and they did them one at a time.