Saturday, June 26, 2010



This morning Sean had soccer.


We all went to watch, including my sister today as well.

Sean’s coach wasn’t there today, and didn’t leave the soccer balls with anyone. We had to borrow a soccer ball from a few different teams in order to hold a practice and game today.

Today was also picture day. Sean will get some “player cards” with his photo on it, to trade (give to his family) and a plaque with his picture on it as well as the team shot. My sister happened to be there and snuck a few photos behind the photographer.


I honestly think the photographer did a lousy job. First of all, he could have centered the team in front of the net. Now it looks like there is a poll sticking out a one of the kid’s heads (that happens to be my ex-boyfriend’s son – yeah, my ex-boyfriend’s son is on my team – I have the absolute joy of seeing my ex every Saturday morning. 8 or 10 teams for 4 year olds and I get my ex’s son on Sean’s team). I also don’t think he did a great job at getting all the kids to look at him for the photo. The package I am getting only costs 20$, so it’s not the end of the world, and if need be, I have the photos my sister took (I left my camera by the stands).


Mack was having fun in the sidelines tossing around a beach ball.


Sean & Zach’s weekly popsicle shot.

After soccer we met up with Zachary & his sister (and his parents) at a local McDonalds. We let the kids run around for about an hour then gave them lunch. Sean & Zach are tied at the hips, they are so cute together.

After Mack’s nap this afternoon we did some painting.


The kids had fun. They ended up mixing all the colors together and making a brownish blob on their canvas. Sean asked me to pick up more canvases, that he had a good time and wanted to do more. Mack enjoys art too. I love it.

For dinner we wanted pasta, but there wasn’t any sauce in the house. I need to make another large batch of my meat sauce to freeze. We didn’t even have any emergency jarred sauce to use. I was going to make a cream sauce (with a cream of broccoli soup base) but then couldn’t find on the internet an easy recipe on how to do that (any one have any ideas?). So instead, I called my step-mother-in-law and luckily had all the ingredients to make a creamy tomato sauce from scratch. Whipped some up, and 30 minutes later, dinner was served – and was delicious – in my opinion.

Tonight I watched the movie Remember Me with Amy. Jamie had hockey tonight. I would never have thought in a million years that it would have ended the way it did. Amy had already seen this movie, and now I know why she wanted to watch it again, the main character plays Edward in the Twilight movies! I worked on Zoe’s February Baby Sweater while we watched the movie.

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ps- Just a reminder that I'm throwing a contest for this entire month! Details are here.


g-girl said...

sean's coach didn't show up? and it was picture day? that's cute that they get 'player cards' to trade. good thing amy was able to sneak up behind the photographer to get some shots! how awful that you have to see your ex every Saturday. :P ooh painting! fun..why do they like mixing all the colors?? i have yet to figure that out.

kim said...

Love the canvas painting, been wanting to do that w/my boys.

I can't wait to see Remember Me, though I know how it ends already, I read a stupid spoiler online when the movie first came out.

Girl Knits said...

Sean is so cute playing soccer! Looks like he's having a good time.

I enjoyed Remember Me as well, thought it was quite the movie. Very well done!

Pinkmin said...

silly girl - you already gave us those pampers bonus points! you must be having mommy brain already :-)

Sarah said...

Regarding cream sauce: This is little bit evil, Robyn, but I`m going to tell you about it anyway. Take 2 parts whipping cream to 1 part butter (ie: half a cup cream and quarter cup butter). Put it in a small sauce pan and heat gently until it simmers. Salt and pepper to taste. It will thicken up nicely. Grate in some fresh parmesan cheese and give it a stir. Pour over freshly cooked pasta of your choice. Cover and let stand in the pot for a few minutes. Sprinkle with some fresh herbs of your choice, parsley is nice and enjoy a super simple, totally decadent but totally worth it calorie splurge :D Alfredo sauce from scratch.

Amelah said...

Glad some of the pictures I took this morning came out nice! I tried for the group shot but not every kid was looking, I did not see the "photographer" trying to get ANY kid's attention, so I wonder how those are going to come out!

Movie was good :D now you know why I liked it.

Knit Girl Knit said...

Oh, you're wee one is so cute on the soccer field!

Rosebelleknits said...

Thanks for the pampers point.

Great activity to do with the boys!

Tara said...

I got to be in the plaque photos for Émilie this year (since I'm the assistant-coach)! Too funny.