Wednesday, June 09, 2010

06.09.10 :: 103 weeks old

Mack is 103 weeks old today.

This morning I started out my morning with a yoga class. I started it today. I was supposed to start last week, but getting locked out of my office didn’t really help me get there on time (as my yoga mat was locked in my office with my purse, keys, etc). The class was very relaxing. I felt great the rest of the day. There was just 2 of us in the class today. A third is supposed to join us next week (or maybe the week after, the teacher wasn’t sure).

This afternoon after doing some groceries, I finally put together the loot bags for Mack’s birthday party. I can’t wait. It’s going to be a lot of fun. And I love doing the loot bags. I get joy out of it. I can’t believe my baby is turning 2. Where has time gone? I also made sure to take care of some laundry & dishes, and then headed to Mack’s class for his class’ songfest. Each class does it every year until the class that they graduate in (where they have a graduation ceremony instead). Mack won’t move on to the next class (that Sean is moving out of on Monday) until the fall, but this is their “year end” party as some kids will be moving to Sean’s class next week.

As soon as Mack saw me when I arrived he freaked out and left the rug that his entire class was sitting on. Then when my mother arrived a few minutes after me, after songfest had already started, he freaked out again, and ran to her. My mom came to sit on the floor with him next to the carpet and tried to get him to participate, while I tried to snap some photos.

My mom got him involved, even got him to wear his ladybug hat, which he refused to wear for a while.


And somehow, she even got him back on to the carpet with his class. Go mom!


It was a cute show. Even if it did start with a ton of the kids crying.

I discovered this new product by POM. They now have these whole wheat pita pockets. They’re delicious. Especially when you fill them with greek salad. I had it for lunch & dinner today, they were just that good.

After Songfest I ran to my class at Ariadne. My mother brought the kids home from daycare, and luckily for me, there wasn’t too much traffic going downtown. Just a little. That was okay with me, though, as I had some good music to listen to. Today we learned (Stem Stitch – pictured above) to cast off (makes a nice stretchy bind-off). I like.

We were also shown how to properly pick up stitches on an arm band, where there are decreases or bind off stitches, as well (pictured above) shown a method for grafting stitches together under the arm. It was a nice evening and I learned a few new things. Next week we are to bring in any items we want to seam. Which is why I started Vestee. Just to have something to seam. I’m now done the first part of the front & back and I’m working on the first sleeve. (Long sleeve version). Progress photos to come tomorrow. Promise.

Mack opened the car door next to him yesterday while I was driving. I have to now start making sure I lock the doors before starting to drive. I couldn’t believe it. Has any of your children ever done this before? I am assuming that it won’t happen again if the doors are locked. I could have sworn my car auto locks the door after I’ve reached a certain speed (I think it’s 20 km per hour). Maybe I’m wrong. In any case, he got the door open and I was driving on the highway somewhere that I couldn’t stop. I managed to veer the car a little to get the door to shut (though, still not 100% closed) until I was able to stop the car. Unreal the things my boys try to do!

There was a nasty accident on Decarie on the opposite side I was driving. A red car was flipped over and facing the wrong way. It seemed 2 other cars had crashed into each other as well. Why is it that everyone had to stop to look (from the side I was on, even though there is a fence up and it’s not that easy to see anyhow?) It caused a major traffic jam on the side I was on, and it shouldn’t have. As soon as we passed the accident area, it was clear. Not a stitch of traffic. It drives me insane. Now I’m curious as to what happened on the highway.

ps- Just a reminder that I'm throwing a contest for this entire month! Details are here.


Sarah B. said...

Do you have the child locks on the inside of the doors. There's usually a switch that you can turn that will prevent anyone in the back seat from opening the door from the inside. Kinda like a police car!

Amelah said...

Because everyone has to stop and stare at an accident!!!

Glad mom got Mack to participate just a little bit!!! Mom has the power! :D

Yeah some new things you can teach me LOL!!

Barb said...

Cute ladybug cake, Mack looks like he was having fun, the power of Grandma lol

I made a new blog it's i'm going to blog your contest a little later :)

Bea said...

The pita looks delicious. I remember my brother opening the car door when we were little and falling out. I'm fairly certain he unlocked it himself though. He was ok. Luckily Mom wasn't going very fast.

Rosebelleknits said...

Yoga sounds like so much fun. What kind of yoga is it?

g-girl said...

thank goodness for your mom!! yikes!! mack opened the car door while you were in motion?? that's always been a fear of mine driving around with the monkey in the car. glad you were able to get the door to shut after some maneuvering. your doors don't automatically lock?

Tara said...

I love yoga, I wish I could do it every day! Too much to do though, of course... Ah, if only I didn't have a job to go to! lol