Monday, June 14, 2010

06.14.10 :: 180 weeks old


Sean is 180 weeks old today.

Sean had a cough today so I kept him home. Well, I had to go into work today, so he came with me. It did take us a while to actually go into the office though, as Sean found every excuse in the book to delay everything we had to do. I did whatever work I was able to do before Sean got too restless. I decided to take Sean for a late lunch after leaving work, and he requested Pizza. Yeah, never again alone will I take him out for a late lunch. For a child who usually naps Mondays to Fridays at daycare (he’s given up his weekend naps), he was a disaster mid-afternoon. The pizza was good though.

Sean was supposed to start in his new class today, but he won’t until Wednesday as tomorrow I’m keeping both boys home as Mack has his 2 year old check-up so we’re going to spend the day with my mom in the city. He’s very excited to move classes as 2 of his good friends have already been moved up.

Guess what I found today? ISHBEL!! I have absolutely NO idea how it ended up in the garage in a basket under a bunch of cans (soda cans) that I have to take back to the grocery store for a refund/to recycle them. I would never have “stuffed” it in there. Must have been one of the boys in my house. It needs to be washed, but I have it! It’s there. So happy I won’t have to re-knit it. I wore it all winter as my scarf. I love it. Happy dance!

What else?!! Been working on Vestee, so I can hopefully finish it before my class on Wednesday. Will keep you updated on that progress shortly. Oh and Jamie & I started watching both Last Comic Standing and The Wire (which has already ended, apparently all 5 seasons and that’s it). We wanted something to watch this summer, and there’s nothing really on for a while. Big Brother should start in July, as well this summer is Entourage and Weeds. Dexter doesn’t start until September I don’t think.

ps- Just a reminder that I'm throwing a contest for this entire month! Details are here. Second set of prizes are being given out tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Mel said...

We LOVED the wire! We were so sad when we finished all the dvd's!

Tara said...

Haven't given up on catching up, but I figured I'd read something "in the now" as well :) Glad you found Ishbel, it's a beauty.

Caroline said...

I loved the Wire. I watched all five seasons last year.

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I'm looking forward to Entourage and Weeds! I will try my best to avoid Big Brother 'cause I get sucked in TOO easy! That show is crazy addictive.

kate-the-enabler said...

Holy cow - I can't believe that's where you found Ishbel!! So glad you've located her though. Wonder which funny boy thought that was a good idea.
My sympathies on the mid-afternoon disaster child when they miss a nap. Aidan is occasionally able to miss his now, but Liam, if he misses, just ends up crying and incoherent. Not. Worth. It. :)

Knit Girl Knit said...

The wire was really good!

That's awesome you found your Ishbel! What a relief!

Can't wait to see your Vestee!


g-girl said...

sigh..glad ishbel has been found!

Bea said...

So glad you found Ishbel. Weird where you found it though.