Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Wow! It’s June. How’d that happen? Really!?


I was emailed some photos from the wedding on Sunday, and I absolutely love this one of Jamie & I. I am waiting to find out if I can get my hands on the full resolution file, but in the meantime, I’ve sent it off to Kodak to print (it was a Kodak Gallery photo album that I was sent, and I had no idea I can print off that – I learned something new today). I can even pick it up for free at one of many spots throughout Montreal. (I wasn’t going to pay 2.99$ to ship a .19 cent print).

This evening after work, I went with my friend Kia (as Sean has nicknamed her) to see Sex & The City 2. I absolutely loved it. The soundtrack even was fabulous. (I think I’m going to order a copy of the Soundtrack). I didn’t realize what a long movie it was, and we got out of the theatre a lot later than expected. Jamie was already in bed when I got home (and I should have been long asleep as well). I totally would see this movie again – when it comes out on DVD. Until then, I’ll get the soundtrack to keep me happy. I love the song that the 4 girls sing together as Karaoke. I have it stuck in my head, and I checked – it’s actually on the soundtrack.


Happy Birthday Madeleine! Hope you had a fantastic day!

Today’s Link Love:
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- Oh, and I just LOVE this cherry umbrella. Well, cuz I ♥ cherries.


Big Girl Feet said...

Aww nice photo of you both!
And yay! I can't wait to see S&TC2!! I got the soundtrack of the first one too- it's good!

Kerry said...

I'm so glad you got to go see it! I forgot to warn you about how long it is. We thought it was only an hour and 40 but it was 2 hours and 40! Totally didn't feel like it though and I would have sat for another 3 hours had it gone on. LOL

Amelah said...

Nice picture of u and Jaime!!

I still have not seen that movie - can't wait to see it!! Heard it was 3 hours long or something!

Girl Knits said...

Gorgeous photo of you and your husband! You both look great!

I've been dying to see SATC2 as well!

Girl Knits

g-girl said...

that is indeed a really nice photo of you and jamie (totally frameworthy!) good to know satc 2 was good. i've been on the fence about it. the only reason i wanted to see it was to see what happened when carrie and aidan ran into each other!! (you'll have to tell me. lol!). that camera ring is so you! the pin cushion pendant is adorable too.

Tara said...

I've been wanting to see SATC for a while now... Maybe I should finally see the first one first though, eh? LOL