Wednesday, June 02, 2010

06.02.10 :: 102 Weeks Old

Mack is 102 weeks old today.

This morning Sean came to me and said “Mommy, it’s not Lellow anymore, it’s Yellow”. I am so proud of him for realizing his pronunciation, and correcting himself. For the longest time, Yellow was “Lellow”. I thought it was cute, but I’m glad he’s corrected himself.

This morning, I got locked out of office. My keys, purse, yoga mat, shawl (we were asked to bring a shawl for the ending of the class), Mack’s library book for school, were all locked in my office. I made some phone calls. I rang neighbours bells. I got one neighbour to help me, not realizing that he was on his way to his grandmother’s funeral (I dropped a condolence card in their mailbox earlier today after realizing), but he still couldn’t get my door open. Another neighbour (teenager) whose parents were out of town, suggested that one of the other neighbours is a handyman. Since my dad was in the city this morning, and Jamie was already at work, I rang the guy’s bell. He wasn’t in his house, but I found him across the street, ironically. I introduced myself and he helped me out. He managed to get my door open, and now I need a new door handle. (The least of my worries). It’s just too bad that I missed my first yoga class. There’s always next week. I just really wanted to be there today.


Mid afternoon I headed into the city to take a class on Finishing with Mona Schmidt. The class was being held at Ariadne. You may know Mona from her pattern Embossed Leaves in Interweave Knits. You maybe also know her new collection, Lili & Leo. Mona’s awesome, and I’m so glad to be taking a class with her. In the class with me, are Madeleine (in the pictured above), Jocelyn & a woman I’ve never met before Janet. I really enjoyed my evening.

We learned how to properly follow stitches to weave in ends.

We learned mattress stitch to seam up on a stockinette stitch.

We also learned how to do mattress stitch on reverse stockinette stitch.

I learned a few new tricks tonight and realized I was doing a few things wrong.
Classes are always so much fun to take. Never can stop learning in life!

The June 2010 Desktop Calendars are up! Just like previous months, they’re free for you to use. From left to right you have Birdhouses by Cynthia, Hills by ScoutJ, Red Flowers by Carol & Lilacs by Robyn (me!). Open the image you’d like, right click on the image, and save as your desktop background. Voila!

Free Huggies Points: (for those of you whom collect)
BFRBG-QHTCT-XQPGB – for 5 points
BFQPQ-MZTD-XBPBG – for 5 points
BRSJT-FPNPX-PQPGB – for 5 points
BFSJXBBWQDCCPGB – for 5 points
BFQCWHRKQMLKPGB – for 5 points
BFQFBHGCPKGDPGB – for 5 points


Amelah said...

Class looks fun! I know mattress stitch, but if you learn anything else feel free to pass on the knowledge :D

AHhaha Sean is too funny! I asked him last week if it was Yellow yet and he had told me no, Lello! How quickly they change their minds!

Girl Knits said...

That class looks like fun! And Mona Schmidt to boot!

Girl Knits

g-girl said...

oooh, a finishing class! something i need to take myself. very nice seams.

Bea said...

The finishing class sounds like a good deal. Your stuff looks so neat and hardly like a seam at all.

Jennifer said...

I LOVES mattress stitch! Jakob just started saying Henri instead of Harry...and I miss it!
ps the 2nd code doesn't work. :)

Tara said...

Oh, I wish I'd known about that class! Darn it!(pardon the pun).