Friday, June 25, 2010

06.25.10 :: 8 years

Met Jamie 8 years ago today. (2002)
Above is a picture during our first week together.

At the bowling alley in July 2002. Probably the last time I actually went bowling too.

August 2002, in the town where his sister lives.


On our wedding day. (Sept 18, 2005)

On Jamie’s 30th birthday (December 10, 2005)

In Boston, MA, March 2006 (Right before getting pregnant with Sean).


New Years Eve 2006, Sean 3 days old.

June 17, 2008, seconds after Mack’s birth.

May 30, 2010 at a friend’s wedding.
Zoe in my belly.

It’s been an incredible 8 years.
Our family is almost complete.
We’re celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this September.
I couldn’t ask for anything different.
Here’s to many more years of love, health & happiness!
Can’t imagine my life any other way.


Today after work I met my sister for Mani/Pedis. During the pedicure I got to sit in a massage chair. Oh, it was soooo good. My neck really needed it!

I love getting my hands & toes painted, but I hate doing it myself, because, I suck at doing my other hand, and well frankly, I’m starting to not be be able to bend down and reach my feet anymore. I had a heck of a time shaving my legs the other day.


Our lovely toes! (We didn’t get the same color but a similar shade – mine’s more purple brown and Amy’s is more bronze brown).


And our French manicured nails. Love it!


This evening we went out for dinner with my in-laws to a local joint I hadn’t been to in forever. The kids meals came with dessert. Mack wouldn’t eat his meal, but the dessert, yeah, no problems there. The kid is obsessed with chocolate. He did eat food off everyone else’s plate though before dessert.

Tonight I watched the movie Kick-Ass with Jamie. It was funny. About super heroes! I worked on Zoe’s February Baby Sweater while watching. It’s coming along nicely. I LOVE the stitch pattern. I will take an updated photo of it over the weekend.

ps- Just a reminder that I'm throwing a contest for this entire month! Details are here.(New prizes were announced yesterday).


Heddy said...

I like the picture in Boston in March '06 ... "right before getting pregnant .. " - I know you didn't mean it this way, but it made me tlaugh thinking "No wonder your hubby has such a big smile" ... I am bad, but it struck me as funny!

Caroline said...

Congratulations on your eight years of love :)

Anie said...

Zoe is a very pretty name! congrats.

I was thinking of a pedicure but not a manicure today. so much gardening lately.

Amelah said...

It was a fun day!!! We need to do it more often. I was surprised to think that in 25 years of being sisters, we have never done a Spa day!!!

Happy 8 year anniversary! Boy does time fly! Can't believe it is my 8 years coming up soon too!!!

g-girl said...

happy 8 years together and here's to many, many more. :) love all the pics of you two! how fun that you and your sister had a mani/pedi day!

kim said...

Happy 8 years, Love seeing all the pics!

Love the mani/pedi, can you believe I've never had a pedicure? I really want to soon!

Girl Knits said...

Happy 8 Years!

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

Congratulations on 8 years! :) Your wedding photo is absolutely gorgeous!!! :)

I found your blog through "a friend to knit with". I knit as well and was looking around at other knitting blogs! :)

It's so nice to "meet" you!

Sarah B. said...

Congrats on 8 happy years! I love that you and Zoe will both have February Lady/Baby sweaters!

I have a spa day planned for Friday. Wax, massage, mani & pedi. I.Cannot.Wait!

Knit Girl Knit said...

Happy 8 Years! To many more!

rosebelleknits said...

oooh! So jealous - manis and pedis! I need to go for one bad.

Here's to many more years!

Bea said...

Congrats on 8 years together!!

Tara said...

I loved Kick-Ass, I totally want to be Hit-Girl when I grow up! Congrats on 8 years together :)