Thursday, July 22, 2010

07.22.10 :: 109 weeks old


Mack is 109 weeks old today.


Sean’s new thing is making Mack laugh while I do our self portraits. Sean likes that he can make Mack laugh. It’s usually done by silly faces.

Ok, he makes me laugh too. And I just love this guy. (And of course, Mack too). Sean’s been coming up to me lately, out of nowhere and say “Mommy, I love you”. He melts my heart.

Tomorrow Sean has to bring in some beach/island themed items for show & tell. So I got some sand from the sandbox, added in some sea shells from the last time we collected shells and threw in a shovel, and voila, with a beach themed “loot bag”, he’s got the beach/islands in a bag.

This afternoon I did some work from home and got really frustrated. I was dealing with one of the manufacturers over the phone. I had all the paperwork at home, but there was information that wasn’t 100% correct. I couldn’t finish this up yesterday, so, I got it taken care of today. Dealing with these manufacturers, (and who knows where they are), is darn frustrating. Thankfully after a few phone calls, it’s all taken care of. Now I know how to handle them again next time, and hopefully my job will be a bit easier. Hopefully I won’t have to deal with them much in the next 4 and a half months before going on maternity leave. You know what? I find I get more work done from home, with peace & quiet, than I do when I’m in my office. People are constantly walking in and out of my office, and I have a window to see the store, and hear everything that is going on in there too – so it’s a little distracting sometimes. Definitely am not complaining though – I have absolutely no reason to.

This evening after our homemade tacos (one of my pregnancy cravings) for dinner, the kids in bed, Jamie & I chilled on the couch, watched some TV and I worked on Zoe’s Girl Cap Sleeve Spring Shirt. I’ve made great progress and plan to photograph it’s update tomorrow. Pics to come.

Today’s de-clutter progress is here. I think I can reach the 200 mark soon. I plan to do a huge playroom clean up this weekend, so I am sure I’ll be able to hit the 200 mark, I’m on a roll.


g-girl said...

wow, mack is looking more and more like a kid! goofy sean! faces are the best. ;) cute show and tell item!

Tara said...

You know, I think you could probably have done a 2010 for 2010 challenge, the way you're going. Well done!

Amelah said...

Sean is soo silly! He cracks me up!