Tuesday, July 06, 2010

07.06.10 :: 15 weeks pregnant


15 weeks pregnant today. Almost half baked (since I am having a scheduled Csection before 40 weeks – still not sure when – but probably between 38 and 39 weeks – that’s if I even hold out that long – I have a funny feeling my water will break before my scheduled Csection. My water broke with both kids – Sean at 37 weeks 5 days and he was born at 38 weeks and Mack at 36 weeks 6 days and he was born at 37 weeks exactly). I don’t think I’ll make it between 38 and 39 weeks – but they can schedule me all they want. If my water breaks before – it just means I go in and have the Csection “now” when it happens instead of on my scheduled date. I’m feeling good for 15 weeks. Still beyond tired. I’m now taking my pre-natal vitamins again, but at dinner time instead of first thing in the morning and I find so far – no nausea. It’s been about a week now that I started them again.


The boys this morning were just too cute. I love moments like this – where they are best friends/brothers/bonding with each other. Makes me glad that I had them so close together.


“Shhh, don’t tell mom.”

I kept them both home today as Mack has started to cough and it doesn’t sound good at all.

Mack came with me to work this afternoon, as I had to check in at the office, and Sean went over to my parents house to swim. He didn’t want to go to school because I kept Mack home. I wasn’t taking both of them into the office with me, so my mom offered to take Sean for a bit. Mack was so tired after checking in at the office and a few errands that he pooped out in the car on the way home. Since he’s at the age where transferring him to his bed doesn’t work anymore (once he’s up he’s up) so with the AC on in the car, I sat in my driveway with him until he woke up. Thank heavens for working AC. The heat here in Montreal has been disgusting. Apparently it’s supposed to last a few more days. Fun. If I weren’t pregnant, I wouldn’t care. This heat is killing me.


While looking through my stash for some buttons for Zoe’s February Lady Sweater, I came across these beauties. They’re exactly what I’m looking for – for that Sweater, except they’re in the wrong color. They’re however perfect for the 5 hour Sweater I made.

    These are vintage, from Woolworths, which no longer exists. I acquired these buttons form my step-mother-in-law. They’re a fantastic match for this sweater, don’t you think?

Now I’m still at a loss for buttons for the February Baby Sweater… the hunt continues. I want tiny ones almost like these ones above but in a pearl white. I think that would be perfect.

I have a tooth holder (for the tooth fairy when they start losing teeth) and a curl box for each boy. I had a matching set in pink, for both a tooth holder and a curl box. I gave them away (I think – since I can’t find them) and now I’m so sad that I don’t have a matching set for Zoe. The store I got them from hasn’t had any more since. (Very disappointed). The tooth boxes are these ones. I did see these tooth holders that I think are super cute. Too bad they’re not sold over here, it’s a British site. Oooh… while surfing the web, I found the EXACT ones Sean & Mack have and just ordered one for Zoe. Phew. Disaster averted. Ordered it in pink. I also found just now while surfing online, a curl box too. It’s not exactly 100% matching Sean & Mack’s (which are blue – and I had them in pink but seem to have given it away), but in silver, which is fine, because it’s 90% identical to Sean & Mack’s. Serves me right for giving things away before I’m done having kids.

Loving this song today:


luvinthemommyhood said...

Awww...loving the belly!!!

Yarnhog said...

Great belly shot! I'm so glad the pregnancy is going well. I'll be rooting for you. :)

Zonda said...

Those boxes are so cute! I love the wee sweater, perfect buttons. Here's hoping you find the perfect ones for Zoe's sweater!

Bea said...

Love those buttons!

Tara said...

That's exactly what happened to me with Émilie: I had a C-section scheduled on August 4th, and my water broke on August 3rd. It just meant I was first in line for the surgery :)

Jennifer said...

In my button stash I have a bag of similar buttons, in a pearly white, but opaque (not with the sheen like these). If you want, or if you want to take a look, let me know.

Amelah said...

Love the baby bump!!!

Looks like Sean is telling Mack a secret! Too cute!!! It is nice when they are getting along and not trying to kill each other, eh!

Hope Mack feels better soon! xoxo

The sweater looks awesome!

g-girl said...

so you already have a birth date for zoe-if she doesn't come early? nice! the boys are hilarious with their heads in the pull-up box! i miss woolworths!