Friday, July 09, 2010


Today, Mack stayed in from school, his last day home. He’s feeling better, so he’ll be going back on Monday. My day did not go as planned. I was supposed to go to Pre-Natal Aqua this morning. First Sean threw a fit when he overheard that Mack was going to go to my mother’s house while he was in school and I went to aqua. Then just as we were about to leave the house, Sean decided that’s when he HAD to use the toilet do do this business. He sat on the toilet for 20 minutes. I missed aqua. Not my morning.

So I decided to just take both kids out with me on all my errands today. Some points of my day were better than others. I managed. Especially in the pissing rain. Our first stop was to do a return to Reno. It was easier just to go myself to do it than to wait for Jamie to get around to it. Then it was close to lunch, so we made a pit stop at McDonalds. Everything was going fine until we got our food and walking to the ketchup/straw/napkin counter and Mack and Sean both collided into me and the tray went flying. Most of our food was salvaged as their happy meals were in bags. A nice man who worked there helped me out and replace my drink that had spilled all over the floor. Ah, what a morning. Mack actually ate lunch today – which I am really happy about. He hasn’t eaten lunch all week because he hasn’t been feeling well. Dinners also haven‘t been that fantastic for him. Finally got some food into him.

After lunch we made it to the grocery store before it started to pour (rather just as we walked into the store, it started to come down). I had 6 bags of cans that were piling up in the garage. Jamie had given me the “get rid of them or I’m putting them out on garbage day ultimatum. The boys had fun taking turns putting the cans into the machine. A great activity for a rainy day. And I walked out with almost 25$ from the returns. I couldn’t believe how many there were. After returning the cans, we got some groceries and then waited a bit until the rain stopped pouring down and made a mad dash for the car.

I ran home, put some groceries away, picked up some shorts for Sean (some how he managed to fill his pull-up (even though he’s been using the potty/toilet) and leak through. I am so happy the I had just put in a Piddle Pad on his seat. Mack already has one that came with his car seat, but Sean didn’t. I am so happy that I remembered to put it in his seat when we left the house this morning, because I just washed his car seat yesterday! I would have been very upset had I had to wash it again. After changing Sean and putting the spare Piddle Pad I had in his seat, we left to a local bead shop to see if they had 2 items in stock. Neither were found there, so we left to go to Pointe Claire shopping center. I wanted to go to stores. First to an LYS in there, and then to a hobby shop. At the LYS I picked out some buttons for Zoe’s February Baby Sweater (see below). One of the ladies who works there, was entering my last name into the computer and asked me if I was related to (my dad’s brother). I asked her how she knew him, and she even mentioned she knew my dad. Apparently her sons growing up were good friends with my cousins. They’re the same ages. The older boys didn't remain friends, but the younger 2 are still best friends and she was telling me that my cousin slept over at her house last night. Small world.


Back in the car, Mack fell asleep.
I drove around trying to do one other errand but the shop was closed.
I let him sleep until we got to Chapters.


I had promised they could come here to play a bit after a long day of running errands. Now Sean wants a train set. I told him to start saving in his piggy bank or to put it on his birthday wish list. I think there are sets that aren’t brand name (like Thomas the Train) that are cheaper, but this set is ridiculously over priced (and that price doesn’t even include the table).

I let them play for a good 20 minutes. (Yes, Mack’s not wearing any shorts and just a diaper). We had another diaper accident when we got to Chapters. (Not our day, let me tell you).


And I managed to get a few rows knit on Zoe’s FBS.

Tonight while watching TV with Jamie, I cast off the last stitches on the sweater. All I have left to do is seam up the sleeves and sew on the buttons. The buttons however, I have no idea which to use. It’s between 2. (See below).

I bought round pink ones, that have little white lines in them (hard to see in this photo) and oval pearl type ones that are sparkly. I really can’t decide which to use. What do you think?Hopefully I can make a decision soon.

I’ve been eating our snow peas right off the plant. Yum. I love summer. And they taste so awesome. Tasty and fresh. I am so glad that we decided to plant the snow peas this year. They’re definitely a huge hit. I think we are going to try steaming them and see how they are steamed as well.

Mack’s black sandals are missing. They’re Spiderman ones, that light up. He was wearing them on Tuesday when we got home from work. He napped in the car, while I sat in the car in the driveway until he woke up. We came in. Not sure what happened to them after that. Luckily he has brown ones too, that he’s been wearing. Phew. I just don’t get where they disappeared to. I noticed they were missing when we had to go to the doctor on Wednesday and they were no where to be found. I didn’t even realize that I still kept Sean’s brown ones from last summer until Wednesday night, and put Mack in socks and sneakers in this damn heat we’ve been having because his sandals were no where to be found. I’ve asked him numerous times where he stashed them – with no luck. I’ve seriously looked everywhere. I guess they’ll turn up when I am not looking for them? I just don’t get how things go missing. I’ve been searching for them now for 2 and a half days (since Wednesday lunch).


Barb said...

LOVE the pink buttons!!

Bea said...

I think I like the pink ones better, but that's because those are more my style. Both are cute though.

carolyn said...

I love the sparkly pearly ones!

Anie said...

you are brave brave to shop with your 2 boys!
we got a bunch of train parts at ikea. not expensive, I made him a fabric bag to put all the pieces. it is quite fun to build.

Zonda said...

I also like both buttons, but the pearl ones dress it up a bit more. Guess now you'll have to knit another sweater to use the other set of buttons on now ;)

dawn said...

The cardi for Zoe is super cute! My boys love the train at borders...Mack looks totally adorable in his diaper and sandals lol.

Tara said...

Awesome job on the cardi! I vote pink buttons, no question about it.

Amelah said...

Don't you just love men? Sometimes it is easier for me to do it myself too. Men!

LIke I said a few years ago when we had gone to Chapters for the Stephanie signing - Sean had loved the train then too! We can all chip in and get him the huge set!

The white ones pop more :D

Maybe the sandals are on vacation with the sling remote and whatever else you can't find?!

Jennifer said...

I don't know which bead place you went to, but besides Bead Box and the one on Gouin/Sources, there's now also a Chaton Bead (like from St-Hubert st) on Pierrefonds blvd, between St-Jeans and St-Charles.

g-girl said...

what a day! there are definitely tons of train sets out there other than thomas. first i couldn't decide about the buttons but now i like the sparkly ones best. you can stir fry the snow peas too!