Monday, July 05, 2010

07.05.10 :: 183 weeks old

Sean is 183 weeks old today.


Today the boys had swimming. And the quarterback was actually there today. So I actually had the courage to ask him for his autograph. He was super nice about it. His wife was there too, and she was saying how this morning was probably the only lesson he was actually able to come to this session as the team has already kicked off the new season - which I hope to take at least Sean to a game, if not Mack too) and see his daughter's swim lesson. And the one day he’s there, I bring my camera, but leave the memory card at home in the SD slot in my computer! ARGH! Still, I took advantage of him being there and got the autograph!

This afternoon I ran some errands while the boys went to daycare. Then I went to pick them up and we had some friends over for a playdate. Sean loves playing with his buddy from his soccer team. His mom & I go way back. She’s almost 38 weeks pregnant now, and wishes that she gave birth already. I feel for her. Especially in this heat. Today, the weather was about 32°C and with the humidex, about 41°C. HOT!

This evening I finished re-organizing the boys room.
I had to do something because Mack’s bed wouldn’t fit on the other side of the dresser.


This is Sean’s side of the room. The bookcase is now by his bed.


And the dresser was moved by Mack’s bed.
So far, everything is okay.
And the changing table – which I still need for Mack (for now) is between their beds.

I put also a piece of black material (doubled over) behind their hockey curtains. This way, when the sun comes up in the morning, my boys will NOT be woken up by it. This morning, the 2 of them got up at the nice hour of 5:30 am. I cannot have a repeat of that tomorrow. I’m beat. The pregnancy is really keeping me tired this time. I can’t do 5:30 am every morning. Especially when they usually always get up only after 7 am. Crossing my fingers for a bit of a sleep in tomorrow then.


Barb said...

Hope the blind works, seemed to help my girls :)

Amelah said...

AHHH ! Mack is in a big boy bed! LOL growing too fast!

Glad you got your autorgaph finally! I haev done that, left the card in the card reader! Major piss off!

Tara said...

Oh wow! The boys will be sharing a room now! That's cute :) Yeah, Maxime had me up at 5:17 this morning. Ugh...

Bea said...

The room looks good. Technically we got up at the same time since I get up at 430 my time :) I just do it by choice.

g-girl said...

yay for finally getting that autograph. what good timing too! the boys' room looks great. :)