Tuesday, July 13, 2010

07.13.10 :: 16 weeks pregnant


16 weeks pregnant.
4 months already.
Apparently Zoe’s the size of an avocado now.
Still tiny, but already making it uncomfortable for me to sleep.


A view of the garden :: Full & Green

Today’s loot.
(I’ve been munching on the snow peas all day. They’re so tasty.
The tomatoes & cucumbers turned into a salad with some oil & vinegar).

  Some Kohl Rabi growing. I have no idea when to pick this. I will have to look up how large these are supposed to get. I also need to look up spinach care (picking/eating) as well as celery.

Some spinach.
(There are a few bite marks on the spinach from some anonymous source).

Some more red cherry tomatoes. Yum!


The strawberries, that I thought I’d killed (oops) are coming back again! After some water and some loving, I’ve got some strawberry flowers growing! YEY! They’re ‘Quatre Saison’ strawberries, so if we were living in a climate that doesn’t have winters like Montreal does, then we’d be getting strawberries ALL year long. I wonder if I can move them indoors by the window for the winter, maybe we’d get strawberries all winter long? Hmm, something to look into.

Today after work I ran to the daycare, got the kids, came home and got myself organized to be picked up. I headed with my mom, sister & grandmother to see Mom’s The Word 2: Unhinged. I was curious when we went to see the original Mom’s the Word. I could have sworn it was a year or two ago. Negative! It was before I even had kids. July 7th, 2001. Before I even became a blogger on here.  (I keep my ticket stubs in a photo album so I was able to look up the date). I saw the show before I even met Jamie. I swear, I remember the show like it was yesterday. I can honestly tell you that I really thoroughly enjoyed tonight's show. I probably appreciated this one more than the first one because I do, now, have children of my own, so I can totally relate. I wonder what people who don’t have kids get out of the show, but it was so funny, that I am sure people who don’t have children enjoyed it just as much. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. It was much needed.

Sean started his first day in big boy underwear today. No more pull-ups during the day. When I went to pick him up from school, I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. He didn’t have one single accident in his underwear. Not one. I’ll have to find out tomorrow how he was tonight while I was out at the show and now all the boys in my house are fast asleep, but so far so good! Very proud of my little dude.


Tara said...

Cute baby belly! Way to go Sean for making your mama proud! :)

elizabeth said...

Your garden looks wonderful! We just diagnosed our tomatoes with some fungus that can't be treated and are pretty bummed about it. We bought a pretty expensive, elaborate set-up from a local garden center who promised 100-200 lbs. of tomatoes and I think we've had three. Lots of blooms, lots of fruit, but between the end rot and fungus, I think we'll be back to buying tomatoes at the farmer's market!

kim said...

your garden is lookin good! I'd say you can pick your spinach whenever. I personally like the leaves on the smaller side (like yours are now) we left ours get a little too big.

ali@skeinsherway said...

Very impressive garden and adorable baby bump!

Jennifer said...

Was that the show we saw with Bubbie and your mom and Amy? The one where my mom and I spent the whole time waiting for a call, 'cus Aaron had been rushed to the hospital?

Bea said...

Yay Sean!!! I love your garden. The crazyness of growing plants always makes me happy.

g-girl said...

i wish i could enjoy your garden with you! kohl rabi, huh. will have to look that stuff up. wow, spinach! awesome. :) seeing your garden, i forgot to comment on how awesome the front yard looks! Lol. sorry. that's what happens when you're as behind as I am on your blog! hope you guys DO get strawberries all year long. i wonder if they're going to be the really teeny size that are super sweet. yay for no accidents!!