Saturday, August 28, 2010

08.28.10 :: 44 months old :: 23 weeks pregnant

23 weeks pregnant.

Sean is 44 months old today.
I can't believe his birthday is in 4 months.
(And Christmas is in 3 days shy of 4 months)
(Have you started your shopping yet?)


This morning we had my cousin's son's 4th birthday party.


A lady from the local eco-museum was there with some animals.


A really pretty owl.


A cute bunny rabbit.


Jennifer the snake.


A turtle.


We all had a great time. Sean touched all the animals. Mack wouldn't go near them to touch but enjoyed looking at them. Definitely a neat thing to do for a kid's birthday party. We even got coupons to go for free to the Ecomuseum, which is not far from our house, so I might just have to take the boys there sometime soon. They're open 364 days a year.


It was really nice this afternoon so we took the boys to the park.



They enjoyed sliding down.

And climbing up things too.


Caught my belly in the sun...!


I've been making good progress on Roar the 3rd. I should be able to have it finished very soon so I can start on the next sample knit for Knitting with Sandra. I have 2 more to do. (And then I have a whole other list of things I want to knit, of course).

Conversation with my 3 and a half year old:
Sean: "Mommy, when I'm older, will you teach me how to knit?"
Me: "Uhm, sure, what did you want to make?"
Sean: "I want to make hockey players."

This evening I got to enjoy a long nice bath, and read some more in my book. I'm about 60% through the book. I'm really enjoying it - review to come as soon as I finish it (also hoping to get that finished this week). I even tackled some of the laundry too - because well, you know... it just never ends. I've also been flipping through a couple of books of baby names I got from the library - though they're a little outdated unfortunately. I also worked on getting some of my contacts into my new cell phone - very happy that I now have a SIM card - (my first one!) so now I won't have to keep re-entering this info if in the future I ever get a new phone. I really enjoyed my evening... just the peace & quiet I needed (after the kids were in bed, of course).


Anonymous said...

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Keep up the good work!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Hockey Players!!!! I love it!

Jennifer said...

love the 'i want to make hockey players' comment!

Jennifer said...

ps.. CUTE baby bump, momma!!

Tara said...

Dude, you don't KNOW from never-ending laundry. My washing machine up and died on me last week. Can you guess how big the laundry piles are right now???

kim said...

ugh... my laundry is never ending either, though I am almost caught up, pretty excited about that.

So cute @ the knitting hockey players. Logan keeps bugging me to teach him to knit, I really need to get on that.

Amelah said...

Love that Sean wants to learn to knit to make hockey players!

g-girl said...

your hair is getting SO long!! :) what a great birthday party. :) i'd love for a lady to come over with a bunch of animals.

Bea said...

So awesome with the animals. I haven't got shopping for Christmas to do. Thankfully.