Saturday, August 14, 2010



Today was one of those days.
We didn't go anywhere.
We didn't do much.
Well, I did a lot of laundry.
But besides that, nothing exciting.


We did hang out a bit outside though after dinner.
It was nice to get fresh air.


And watch the boys with their wild imaginations.
Ah, to be their age again.


I did learn a new technique today.
Provisional Cast on by crochet. Thank you Youtube.


And I picked a project to use my brand new Rosewood needles.
I got these babies in Pennsylvania. Oooh, ahhhh....


Picked out a shade of Dream in Color Classy... and cast on. Stay tuned. More to come.

Jamie had plans tonight, so I had a friend over this evening and we watched Date Night. VERY funny. I love Steve Carrel (but don't watch The Office - not a fan) and I love Tina Fey (and do watch 30 Rock). Just the kind of flick that I needed tonight. Was in that kind of mood. I definitely recommend the movie.

I did enjoy a fresh homemade tomato & cucumber (from the garden!) (with onion) salad topped with the free feta cheese she got yesterday thanks to the Quebec Price Protection law. Yum! Oh, and don't worry, the feta is pasteurized, I made sure. (I'm not a big fan of unpasteurized cheese, even when I'm not pregnant).


Tara said...

I miss straights!!!! Seems like everything I want to knit lately either uses circulars or dpns.

Amelah said...

Sometimes days of nothing are just what the doctor ordered!!! :D

Nice needles! I have been bad in the knitting department! Not enough hours in the day...

Yum your garden - thanks again for my care package :D

g-girl said... comment didn't show up for this post! love the rosewoods! I've never tried them before! love how sean is holding his other marker!