Monday, August 23, 2010

08.23.10 :: 190 weeks old

Sean is 190 weeks old today.
Mack was making silly faces at the camera while I was taking my self portrait with Sean, and asked to be photographed as well. Mack was pretty much "copy-catting" what Sean would do on my self portrait day with Mack. Sean would stand behind the camera making faces trying to get Mack to look at the camera - so Mack thought it would be his turn today to make faces back at Sean. Too cute.

Told you I'd have some photos of my Destroyed Cowl.
Hoping to have a finished object for you VERY soon.


Today I spent most of my day at the dealership. First I went this afternoon to see what they had on the lot or what they could order for me. I found a car, rather a van, and then went back this evening with my dad, to get the paperwork done. (Wanted my dad there to make sure I wasn't being screwed over with the price). I even got to draw an envelope (the promotion they have going this week for Back to School) and I won a prize of a gift certificate to Bureau En Gros (to you non-Qu├ębecers, that's Staples). I will know more tomorrow after my paperwork is finalized, but it looks like I'll have my new Dodge Caravan SXT by the end of the week, latest. (It's already on the lot). They're even buying back my 2005 Acura EL, which saves me the headache of having to sell it. I'm one step closer to being a mini-van momma.


Today's deal of the day :: I got a box of 192 size 1-2 Huggies Diapers, for 3.50$ (including free tw0-day shipping, which is another current promotion going on with right now). That's less than 2¢ a diaper. Coupons on are apparently stackable. I got to use 3 x 20% off coupons, on top of "subscribing" to the diapers (I chose the every 6 month option to save another 30% - 15% to subscribe + an additional 15% off promotion they're having right now on top of it). With the 3 x 20% off coupons (that were in different parenting magazines - though I was only able to use one of each code that started with another letter), I was able to get= 30% + 20% + 20% + 20% = 90% off. 35$ to begin with - 31.50$ (90% of 35$) = 3.50$ for an entire JUMBO box of diapers. Had there been any online amazon coupons for Huggies at the moment, I could have gotten the diapers for cheaper, but there were only some online for select Pampers diapers. I learned about this deal here, and this girl even got a box of pampers instead of huggies (in a different size than I ordered) for .66¢. Crazy deal! (I couldn't get my box down that cheap, but I am certainly NOT complaining about the deal I did get). They ONLY ship to the USA (not to Canada, sorry my Canadian friends) and so I shipped it to my great-uncle's place in Florida, which is 2 apartments over from my grandmother's and my mother will bring them home from me late fall when she visits. What a smokin' hot deal. I couldn't pass it up. So much, that I actually ordered 2 boxes, at 3.50$ each (so 7$ total for 384 diapers) as I had enough coupon codes thanks to a friend of mine who also gets the magazine and gave me her codes. Now, once the diapers have shipped, I have to go back to amazon and cancel my "subscription" of every 6 months, so they don't re-issue me another box of newborn diapers for full price. As long as I do it before 6 months, I'm fine. (I'll take care of that later this week once I know the diapers have arrived safely. Talk about a great deal... I am all for great deals! I don't think I've ever paid less than 15-16¢ a diaper, and that's when the jumbo box at Costco goes on sale.


Tara said...

The bargain queen strikes again!

g-girl said...

oooh, is that the color of your new minivan???

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

My sister has three kids too and just bought a Dodge Caravan. She loves it! :)

Amelah said...

Nice progress on the Cowl.

Woohoo! Cool mini van! So now you are officially a "soccer" mom!! LOL Wel I gues you became one when Sean started playing soccer eh!

Awesome deal on diapers!!!

Jennifer said...

Holy crap that's a great deal! $3.50 each jumbo box of diapers? MAN- you ALWAYS manage to find deals like's crazy! Congrats!