Friday, August 20, 2010



Today's garden loot! Our lemon boy tomatoes (yellow tomatoes) are finally ready! (We also picked a ton of cherry tomatoes and it looks like a ton more will be ripe soon). We have a few cucumbers that we picked today as well, and more almost big enough to cut of the plant. Oh and we got one more Spaghetti Squash today too. Some zucchinis look just about ready, and the celery is growing quite nicely, though isn't exactly thick yet (like you'd get it in a store).


Today's lunch consisted of the delicious Halishke's (Yiddish for Cabbage Rolls) I made yesterday. They are absolutely yummy. I love my Second Helpings Please cookbook. I really should make these more often, they're so simple to make. Really.

I promise you some knitting progress photos tomorrow. I've been working on my destroyed cowl. I want to get that finished up asap as I have some test knits to do for someone and want to get that done as well. After that I have a few WIPS to get done :: (Drop Stitch Scarf, The Newborn Girl Cap (since it's already started, I might as well make it for the gift pile), Vestee, a few different versions of Babette, Jamie's Socks, and La Novia. I also need to upsize this sweater I knit for Sean, which Mack will get the one already knit, and I want to get the new size done for Sean before late fall). Oh, and I want to knit something new for baby boy #3. So much to knit... so little time. (Even on modified activity, I still find there is still so little time!) As for the progress on my Destroyed Cowl, I'm at 24" of 46" (what the pattern calls for), so I'm 52% complete.


My boys were just too precious tonight.


I couldn't decide which photo I liked better, so you're getting a dose of both.


g-girl said...

the tomatoes look yummy!!! the cabbage rolls look good. might have to try some one day--trying to learn to eat more cabbage! the pics of the boys are darling. thanks for sharing both of them!

Tara said...

Those cabbage rolls look scrumptious! (hint hint...)

Amelah said...

Hmm, lunch looks goods!

The boys were adorable tonight! Didn't think Mack would actually hug Sean like that when I told him to lol! Too cute! It's moments like this that make it all so worth it, and subtract the moments when they are fighting and trying to kill each other!

Bea said...

The tomatoes look yum and so do your cabbage rolls!