Friday, October 21, 2005

I need to learn how to drive on hills!

So I got my new car last night, a 2005 Acura EL, and she's beautiful. She's standard, my first standard car ever (my last car, a 2001 Honda Civic Sedan was automatic), however my husband decided that since I was getting a new car - that an automatic car was out of the question as it's "not really driving" (quoting him!). This morning, I decided, after seeing her sitting in front of my house, that she couldn't sit there all day, and instead of taking the bus, I decided to take her downtown with me to school. Getting to school was a piece of cake (Jamie has taken me driving before in his standard jetta), but when circling around for parking near school, I had to access a street that was nothing but a hill... Well, let's just say, that was my first experience on a hill in a standard car.... I burned some rubber... Later today, my dad gave me a lesson on what to do on a hill. I hope to get out to this area of town near my house (Westmount) to go driving on their streets (all hills), and get some practice. Hopefully there won't be too many cars on the road - maybe I should try to go out early morning, if I can. (May be hard to go Saturday morning, because I believe we're having people over for poker tomorrow night, so that will be a late night Friday night, for sure.)

CSI is on, Jamie's at a hockey pool with his brother-in-law and so I am going to go watch it, and come back online after.

I love my new car!! Woohoo! It's EXACTLY what I wanted!!!!!

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mari said...

Nice car! I want a new car.
I see this post was made in 2005.
Car still doing good? :)