Thursday, October 27, 2005

Not on Shelves Yet?

I went out after dinner to get Dogs Annual 2006... so far, it's not to be found anywhere. It's very possible that it's just not in stores yet, and that people who have a subscription, got a copy early. That is VERY possible. Anyhow, I am upset, cuz I checked out 3 places - (the pharmacy, a tabagie, and also a magazine store (Multimags)). My mom has gone through the magazine, she doesn't recognize my image, and I don't even know what image they used, but the woman who called me told me that it was for a Pedigree (or was is Purina ad) and it was my image of an irish setter. I would recognize my image in a second... I just need to see a copy of this magazine. So either I'll wait until it comes to shelves, or the next time I'm at my parents house... But it's bothering me - so I'm dying to know which image it was!

I just worked on my logos in illustrator, it's what I need to practice for my exam tomorrow morning. CSI is on in a few minutes, so I'm going to go watch that, and during commercials, come back and finish the last 3 logos I have left.

Check ya later.

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