Saturday, October 22, 2005

What a day... it needed naptime!

This morning I decided to take my car again to school. There is free parking around downtown, IF you are willing to look for it, and leave early enough to circle around looking. I was able to find a spot, took me about 35 mintues though (I left my house at 7 am or so) and then helped my friend Laura find a spot, since we bumped into each other looking for parking. I am enjoying driving my new car - so why should I take the smelly city bus? I parked on a hill, and did a good job. I am very proud that I didn't bump into any cars, and I'm getting better at finding my friction point, and didn't stall once this morning.

Sat down infront of TLC & I worked a bit on my creativity journal (with some of the stuff I purchased yesterday), and then once I didn't feel like working on that anymore, I put my head down, and passed out for a few hours.

Then Jamie woke me up, as I had to run to the grocery store to pick up some sour cream and onion soup mix to make dip (it's soo good this mix combo) for the veggies that Jamie's dad and step-mom brought over this evening for our weekly poker game.
People started arriving, and now game one is still going on, but I was eliminated from the game, 4th out of 6 people. There are still 3 people left in the game.
This picture of the purple flower I took in my backyard. Since we just moved to our new house in May, it's the first time we had seen these flowers. We didn't even know that they existed, since we purchased our home in February when it was snowing, and the backyard was nowhere to be seen. These flowers didn't last very long, but they were really nice. This picture is the background on my desktop. And the funny thing is - I hate the colour purple.

The picture of the monkey I took at the zoo this past July when I baby-sat my nephew for 2 weeks. I absolutely love this shot.

Our second game of poker is about to begin, so I'm off for the evening.

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