Monday, October 31, 2005


My first published image! (And paid published image!) I am sooo proud of myself, and of my work. My parents are proud, my husband is proud, I want the whole world to be proud. It's pretty cool that my image is published in a magazine, Dogs in Canada Annual 2006, but what I would have loved, is my name to be with the image as a photo credit. The woman who called me to tell me that my image would be used, said that my name would be on there as a photo credit, but it's not. Oh well. I got my first foot into the door! An image published! AHHH! I think after I'm done writing this post, I'm going to email the page from the magazine to everyone I know! Issues have gone out to subscribers, but the magazine won't be on shelves until around November 21st, 2005. I am going to buy at least one copy for myself, if not more! I told my mother I'd autograph her copy for her, she laughed. If anyone wants it autographed, just let me know! It's page 345!

The funny thing is, I had to call today to find out what page my image was on. I don't have an issue, as I'm not a subscriber, I just pick up the magazine each fall, since it's just once a year... and I had borrowed my mother's copy for 3 hours on Saturday night, since my sister was in my area of town, but I had to return the magazine with my sister when she went back home that night. I had flipped through the magazine looking for my image of an irish setter, which I had taken pictures of, but this picture that they used of TanMan, isn't an irish setter. I'm not sure what kind of dog he is, but my mom assures me it's not an irish setter. I'm no dog expert, but anyhow! This image, I shot in 2003 in my 2nd year of the professional photography program that I graduated from May 2005, for a black and white dog portfolio I worked on. I absolutely love the time I spent on this project, as well as the photographs that I ended up with in the end. So the woman was sure she remember my name, when I called Dogs in Canada in Toronto this morning, and she called me back after researching my image, and got back to me with the page number and everything. So I rushed to call my mom, and she found the page in her magazine. I had to wait until my dad got home from work for the page to be scanned, since my mom has no idea how to use a scanner. (Kinda funny actually - she's learning slowly though!)

... But tada! Here she is! My first image in print! You like?

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