Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rainy Sunday

Found this postcard on the internet. So anniversary number one is paper. What could be a good enough paper gift? Something that is for a man? Well, I have just under 11 months to think about this, but I found this postcard on the internet (can't remember where) earlier today, and I started thinking about our first anniversary. For our first anniversary, September 18th next year, we will most probably be away on our honeymoon. We weren't able to leave this year right after the wedding because I started a one year program in school 2 weeks before we got married. I couldn't leave for a 3 week vacation or even 1 week, smack at the beginning of a one year program, now could I? Anyhow, paper... I am going to do my research and see what I come up with. I am going to let Jamie know that the first anniversary is paper, otherwise he won't have a clue. Or maybe I won't tell him and let him just do whatever he wants, because if I tell him paper.... who knows what he'll get me! Hockey tickets are made out of paper, maybe I should get him tickets for the that season next year? The game isn't actually paper, but the tickets are made out of it! Well.. that's just an idea.

This afternoon I worked on my creativity journal, adding in some images that I liked, images that inspired me, images that I took myself, glueing in, and just having fun with it. I am really loving this project, and I love working on it.

This evening Jamie and I watched Apprentice from Thursday night, which we had on tape, and then Law & Order at 9pm. Now I'm shortly about to go into a shower, and get ready for bed.

Goodnight, Sweet Dreams. Wish me luck for my exam tomorrow in Quark Express!

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